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It’s Still Wrong

Judges 19-21

In my opinion this is one of the most disturbing passages in Scripture. Homosexuality, brutal rape, murder, the mutilation of a dead body, retaliation, war, kidnapping. It’s disgusting.

But something that I may have overlooked before spoke to me today. Part of their justification for sin was that “the people felt sorry for Benjamin…” because they didn’t have enough young women within the tribe who could be wives for their young men.

Never mind the fact that the men of the tribe of Benjamin were responsible for starting this whole mess because of their lust and the violent murder of a woman. But because the other tribes felt sorry for them, an arrangement was made for the kidnapping of innocent girls who were then forced to go with the Benjamin men and marry them.

The hopes and dreams of these girls were shattered. They were ripped from their homes. They were expendable because people felt sorry for the men. Does that get your blood boiling? Everything about this is wrong, wrong, wrong.

If this angers you like it does me, let me ask you something. Where do you stand on the issue of abortion?

We feel so sorry for women with unplanned and unwanted pregnancies that we deem their innocent children expendable. We rip them from their homes inside their mother’s bodies. Any hopes and dreams for these children are shattered because someone feels sorry for their mothers. Never mind the mother’s responsibility for the pregnancy.

We come up with one excuse after another why we should feel sorry for them, rationalize why that innocent child is expendable. That gets my blood boiling.

Now let me say that if you are carrying the guilt of having had an abortion, God can forgive your sin. In fact, I hope that if you have had an abortion you have asked God to forgive you, and allowed Him to turn your life around. I wish nothing less for you.

But if you are pregnant and considering an abortion, stop. Your baby is a life deserving to hope and dream, to make mistakes and succeed, to find the Savior and walk with God on this earth. They are not responsible for your mistakes.

They aren’t responsible any more than the girls we read about in these chapters of Judges in the Bible. Those girls had nothing to do with the savage murder of a woman, or the brutal war that took the lives of most of the young men in the tribe of Benjamin. They had nothing to do with it. And neither does an unborn child have anything to do with an unwanted pregnancy.

It’s wrong to make a child pay for his mother’s choices. There are people who would love to put their arms around moms of unborn children and help them do the right thing. There are parents who are aching to fill empty homes with the laughter and love of a child.

Your baby deserves that.

I pray that if you or someone close to you is considering an abortion, you will reach out to compassionate, loving people who will walk this journey with you. There are crisis pregnancy centers in most areas, or people in churches who can point you in the direction of help. You have options.

What happened to the girls in Judges is wrong. There is no justification for the actions of the adults around them. The same is true today in the question of abortion. There is no justification for the actions of the adults who choose to destroy the lives of the innocent.

It was wrong back then. It’s still wrong.

May 8 – Mothers Without Children

Psalms 25, 29, 33, 36, 39

Today is Mother’s Day. It’s a day for these precious women to be pampered and celebrated. If you are a Mom, I hope it’s a blessed day for you with your family. My own mother, who has lived with Jesus for twenty years now, is a blessing to me still. I wish I could give her a hug.

But Mother’s Day isn’t a happy day for every woman out there. Some mothers have buried children and feel their loss more deeply today. Some mothers are estranged from their children. Some mothers carry burdens for their children; those who are not living for the Lord, or have devastating illnesses, or are struggling because of choices made. I pray for you, if your heart is heavy on this Mother’s Day.

There are some women out there who have been unable to give birth. Their hearts long to be Moms, and their inability is exaggerated today. It’s hard to sit back and watch other people celebrate, when your heart is broken. I’m praying for you, too.

But there is another group of women I’d like to celebrate today. It’s those of you who chose life for your child, who allowed your children to be raised by other parents. I hate the term, “gave a child up.” In reality, you “loved your child up.”

Years ago, I knew a 16 year old girl who chose life and adoption for her daughter. The lawyer handling the adoption said something I never forgot. She said the girls who are mature enough to make this decision would probably make decent mothers. Their selfless love wants only what is best for their children. This girl realized that at 16, without her family’s support, she could not provide the best life for her little girl. That takes enormous maturity and strength.

As a school counselor I dealt with several too-young mothers. I remember sitting in my office, talking to the mother of a pregnant 14 year old. That mother decided her daughter would have an abortion because, “I can’t take care of it, and there’s no way I could let someone else raise my grandchild.”

So she killed her grandchild.

That’s what saddens me. Abortion is acceptable in our society. The killing of babies happens every day. It’s those of you who choose life who are often scorned and carry the shame.

I want you to know there is one person who is celebrating you today. I pray for your children, that their homes are happy, that they are being raised with the love of the Lord and their parents. And I pray that you can take a measure of satisfaction that you did what was best for that little one, even as your heart might be missing them today.

Happy Mother’s Day. Let yourself rejoice in the fact that you are a mother who “loved her child up.”