March 22; Minds, Eyes, and Ears

Deuteronomy 29-31

The Israelites certainly saw God do some amazing things since their rescue from Egypt forty years earlier. Parting waters, manna from heaven, water from rocks… and after forty years, they were still wearing the same clothes and sandals! God had performed a miracle even on their clothes.

Yet Moses told them they had minds that didn’t understand, eyes that didn’t see, and ears that didn’t hear. They just didn’t get it. They may have assumed God did these things because He loved them so much, and favored them above all other nations. Moses wanted them to hear God say, “I did this so that you might know that I am the Lord your God.” (29:6)

It was never about Israel. It was always about God. Warren Wiersbe says:

“What could have been spiritual experiences was only a series of historical events because they did not focus on the Lord.” (With the Word; Wiersbe; Thomas Nelson Publishers; 1991; page 123)

If you’ve been with me very long you know I read the historical events in Scripture as pictures of spiritual truths. I pray for a mind that understands what God wants me to learn from the experiences of the people whose stories are written here. I pray for eyes that see the connection between what happened and what that says about God. I pray for ears that can hear God’s voice through the words He inspired men to write down, every time I open the pages of His love letter to me. In short, I want my time in God’s Word to change me for His glory, to draw me close to Him, to show me how to worship and serve Him better.

If you are reading the Bible for the facts, or to put together a timeline, or to create an authentic model of what is described, you might as well pick up an encyclopedia. (that’s an old hard-copy of Google, kids. Ancient history, I know)

Please don’t reduce this precious book to a series of historical events. See God in every word. Hear what God has to say to you about your own relationship with Him here in 2019. Open your mind to understanding the riches contained in its pages. Allow Scripture to be the spiritual experience God intends for it to be. It will change your life.

Remember, God is in these pages.

It’s all about God.

2 thoughts on “March 22; Minds, Eyes, and Ears

  1. leo4him

    I agree that we should look for spiritual truths when we read God’s word but we also shouldn’t neglect the Jewish culture/history, physical/cultural settings/ Hebrew/Greek words because all of that (and more) provide the proper context for what we are reading. That’s why I love Kay Arthur’s inductive Bible study -you observe then interpret and then application is last. Believe me, I’m no expert but I am amazed at how much I’ve been missing all of these years! just wanted to share-not trying to be preachy 😀

    1. cazehner Post author

      I always love hearing your thoughts, my friend. I understand your point of view, and agree there is some benefit to knowing the context. I have a library full of commentaries of peoples’ opinions on the subject, including Mrs. Arthur. And I have used them . May God bless you as you dig into His Word. I pray for minds that will understand, eyes that will see, and ears that will hear what the Author has for all of us ever time we do. Preach on, dear one! 🙂


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