February 25

Leviticus 26&27

God promised that if the Israelites obeyed his commands they would be blessed. They would have rain when they needed it and they would eat all the food they wanted. They would live safely in their land and God would look favorably upon them.

But if they disobeyed there would be consequences. Crops would fail. If that didn’t get their attention wild animals would kill livestock and children. God gave them a long progression of horrible things that would happen as long as they continued in disobedience.

Then in verse 40 of chapter 26 God says… BUT. All he asked of Israel is that they repent. Confess their sins in humility and pay for their sins with the blood sacrifice.

God didn’t want to punish them. He wanted to bless them. And it’s the same today.

God takes no joy in seeing any of his children suffer. He wants to bless us in the sight of the nations as he did the early Jews. But if we don’t, there are consequences.

People are always saying… things are so much worse than when I was young. And it’s true. And it will continue to be true according to God’s Word. When we read Leviticus we get a glimpse into the mind of God who demands obedience. And who is very honest with the fact that if we don’t obey, things will continue to get worse. There is a long progression of horrible things that will happen as long as we ignore God.

Just as it was during the time the Jews were in the desert, God wants us to come to him with humbled hearts and confess our sins. The big difference between then and now is that our sins are already paid for by the precious blood of Jesus. We need only to accept it.

How much worse will our lives get? I guess that depends on us who know the truth and how willing we are to obey. It will depend on whether or not we are living holy lives and leading others to Jesus.

Dear God, give us humble hearts. May you find your children obedient, holy as you are holy. And may we be about the work you’ve chosen us for… revealing you to a lost world.

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