February 24

Leviticus 24-25

In the middle of giving the law, the writer of Leviticus stops to tell a story about a man who blasphemed the Name with a curse. In the heat of anger, the man used God’s name in vain. The result? God told the Israelites to take the man outside the camp and stone him. The Israelites obeyed.

I want to suggest that we need to watch our own mouths. OMG should never be a part of a Christian’s vocabulary in any form. Using God’s name like that is a sin and, in the Old Testament, punishable by death. God demands we respect everything about him, including his name.

When I worked in the middle school and a child would say, “Jesus”, or “God” in a curse I often said,  “Please don’t talk about my friend like that.” I don’t know if that was the right thing to say but more than not I would get an apology. Sometimes, though, the child didn’t even know they had said it, it was such a part of their vocabulary.

Dear Christian, let’s honor God with the respect that is due him. Let’s be careful not to use his precious name like unsaved people do.

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