Jaunuary 4

Gen10, 11 and I Chronicles 1

I didn’t realize the sons of Ham were the Canaanites who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah. The sins of the father?

I’m not a parent but I worked with a lot of parents over the years. I’ve seen caring, involved, loving parents and I’ve seen self-centered, mean and distant parents. And I have observed that the influence any parent has on a child is great.

I’ve seen a dad openly hate his own mother, then wonder why his adult children don’t have a close relationship with him. I’ve seen the excited look in the eyes of a child as he proudly shows his artwork to his mother, only to have her dismiss it with a nod. I’ve seen the hurt in that child’s eyes. And no matter how encouraging and supportive I tried to be, the damage was done.

Parents who divorce because they’ve fallen out of love, then tell themselves their children are better off are fooling themselves. Their kids would be better off learning forgiveness by watching their parents forgive, learning to love by watching their parents choose to love each other in spite of dirty dishes and unpaid bills. They would be better off learning about commitment watching their parents work through the tough things in life together.

Let’s face it. Children are inconvenient. They cry in the middle of church. They poop when you’re ready to walk out the door. They cling when you want your space. They have soccer games and music recitals, homework and friend trouble. And let’s not even talk about how much money  it costs to put food in their mouths (which half the time they won’t eat) or shoes on their feet (which have to be acceptable to their school friends)

Ham sinned against his father Noah. Years later his children were destroyed by God for their sinful lifestyle. Coincidence? I don’t think so. My prayer is that parents will look to God for direction and strength because those children in their homes are watching and learning.

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