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January 23

Gen 27:1-28:9, 36:1-43, I Chronicles 1:35-54

I don’t feel too sorry for Esau. Yes Jacob deceived their father and received the blessing that should have been Esau’s. But from what I read about the elder brother he wasn’t faultless, either.

Esau brought foreign wives into his father’s home and I imagine the women brought their false gods with them. He was so flippant about his birthright he sold it for a bowl of soup. It sounds like he wanted the blessing of being Abraham’s son but he didn’t feel the need to be obedient.

How serious am I about being in my Father’s family? Do I strive to live a life that honors Him or do I take for granted the blessing of being His child? Am I flippant about my salvation, about the cross?

God I am blessed as your child. Help me to live up to your expectations. May I make you proud today.

January 20

Gen 19-21, 25:12-18 and I Chronicles 1:28-31

How perverted were the men of Sodom? Did Lot participate in their sin? We read he feared for the safety of the three travelers. But he offered his young daughters to his evil neighbors, knowing the girls would most likely die a painful and humiliating death.

We see that, while Lot and his daughters were spared when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, his wife disobeyed and was killed. Lot and his daughters were saved but the influence of living in Sodom went with them.

Lot’s daughters were so desensitized to sexual sin they didn’t think twice about sleeping with their own father. They even rationalized their own perversions by saying they did it in order to preserve Lot’s lineage.

We live in a sinful world where the same kind of sexual perversion is considered the new normal. We watch TV and invite violence and sex into our living rooms. Even Christians laugh at things God destroyed Sodom for. Our children have access to the internet in the palms of their hands. We are a people who are no longer easily shocked and saddened by sin. Are we raising a desensitized generation?

God, I am convicted. I know I have allowed sin to have a foot in the door of my heart. I ask that you make me aware of the things that displease you and help me to take a stand, to be set apart and to live a life that attracts others to you. I pray for parents. Give them wisdom. Help them to protect their dear children from the influences that make it seem like following you is lame.

Jaunuary 4

Gen10, 11 and I Chronicles 1

I didn’t realize the sons of Ham were the Canaanites who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah. The sins of the father?

I’m not a parent but I worked with a lot of parents over the years. I’ve seen caring, involved, loving parents and I’ve seen self-centered, mean and distant parents. And I have observed that the influence any parent has on a child is great.

I’ve seen a dad openly hate his own mother, then wonder why his adult children don’t have a close relationship with him. I’ve seen the excited look in the eyes of a child as he proudly shows his artwork to his mother, only to have her dismiss it with a nod. I’ve seen the hurt in that child’s eyes. And no matter how encouraging and supportive I tried to be, the damage was done.

Parents who divorce because they’ve fallen out of love, then tell themselves their children are better off are fooling themselves. Their kids would be better off learning forgiveness by watching their parents forgive, learning to love by watching their parents choose to love each other in spite of dirty dishes and unpaid bills. They would be better off learning about commitment watching their parents work through the tough things in life together.

Let’s face it. Children are inconvenient. They cry in the middle of church. They poop when you’re ready to walk out the door. They cling when you want your space. They have soccer games and music recitals, homework and friend trouble. And let’s not even talk about how much money ┬áit costs to put food in their mouths (which half the time they won’t eat) or shoes on their feet (which have to be acceptable to their school friends)

Ham sinned against his father Noah. Years later his children were destroyed by God for their sinful lifestyle. Coincidence? I don’t think so. My prayer is that parents will look to God for direction and strength because those children in their homes are watching and learning.