January 3

Genesis 7-9

Does God hate gossip? Take a look at Ham, Noah’s son. The flood is over and they are on dry ground. They established homes, planted crops and got down to the business of living. Eight people who obeyed God and loved each other.

But when Noah had too much to drink and passed out naked in his own tent, he probably expected privacy. Ham, for whatever reason, went to see his dad and saw Noah’s disgraceful situation. How did he react? Ham couldn’t wait to get to his brothers to tell them what he had seen.

Ham probably justified it with, “they have a right to know” and may even started his tale with, “I don’t want to be mean but…” Ham tells his brothers that Dad is drunk and naked in his tent. He may even have chuckled about it some.

The result was a curse on Ham and his descendants. They would be the lowest servants among servants, disgraced as Ham had disgraced Noah. If Ham had covered his father, or even quietly turned and walked away and not told what he had seen, we might never have known Noah was drunk that day.

The lesson for me here today is – I don’t need to tell everything I know. Gossip is sin. It’s mean and disgraceful even if I try to cover it with, “they have a right to know”.

Lord, guard my heart and curb my tongue today. May I recognize gossip for what it is and determine not to listen to it or spread it myself.

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