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Can It Get Any Worse?

2 Kings 22-23; 2 Chronicles 34

I opened You Tube today and saw the title of a video that got my attention. I’ve never listened to this man before, but he titled his talk: This Pastor Is Worse Than You Thought – Andy Stanley, Jordon Peterson, Voddie Baucham – My Analysis. (The Gospel of Christ; John Henry).

He played a portion of a workshop given by Pastor Stanley, and even though I wasn’t at that workshop or watched the entirety of it, what I did hear left me speechless. Stanley said he no longer refers to the Bible when he teaches. He doesn’t say “The Bible says…,” or “God’s Word says….” In fact, he says Christianity shouldn’t rise and fall on the inerrancy or accuracy of 66 ancient documents we call books of the Bible. It rises and falls on the identity of a single individual… Jesus of Nazareth.

He said that. And he posted the same on Twitter.

Now, to be fair, Stanley said his position on referring to the Bible isn’t a change in theology. It is merely a change in how he talks about theology. It seems he believes he can talk about what is in the Bible without using it as the authority.

In a podcast, Stanley said that in the beginning of Christianity, no preacher said, “The Bible says…, the Bible says…” He pointed out that the ancient Christians didn’t have a Bible, many couldn’t even read, and surmised that what drove the faith was an event, not Scripture.

“We have to shift the focus from the Bible to the resurrection…”

I want to ask him how can we know about the resurrection without the Bible?

Anyway, after listening to this You Tube video, I opened my Bible (yes, I still do that every day). My chronological Bible had me in 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles where I read how reading God’s Word changed everything for King Josiah and the nation of Judah. They didn’t realize the seriousness of their actions until they READ what God had to say about them. That lead to repentance and revival in the land.

Ok. You might argue that is all from an ancient ANCIENT document. It’s Old Testament, and we live after the cross. So let’s look at Jesus.

Jesus often used Scripture (the Bible in Jesus’ day). Read Matthew 27, 23; John 13, 15. When he walked with the men going to Emmaus after the resurrection, He talked to them, not merely about the resurrection, but about what Scripture said.

Paul, after the cross, refers to Scripture repeatedly: 1 Corinthians 3, 18, 26, 30; Romans 10,15, and on and on and on.

To say we shouldn’t base Christianity on Scripture negates 2 Timothy 3:16-17. And if we want to base Christianity simply on Jesus’ miraculous resurrection from the dead, we need only read John 1 which clearly states that same Jesus IS the Word!

I hope you’ll investigate this for yourself. If I’ve misrepresented Andy Stanley, please listen to the video I referenced, and go to Stanley’s Twitter account (although I believe he has taken down some of what was said earlier). But let me know if I am in error. I don’t want to put words into Stanley’s mouth.

But let me ask you: what is the authority on which you base your faith? Personally, I am standing on the written Word of God, and I will continue to proclaim the Bible as that authority.

I’ll thank God for the privilege of proclaiming His Word, all 66 books, as His inspired Word live and effective today. And I’ll continue to urge you to read it every day.

The Truth of Scripture

This year, one of my former students beautifully sang “O Holy Night” in her church’s Christmas program. I know her church to be a very liberal, feel good church. Yet I was surprised to hear her sing, “Long lay the world in fear and error pining…” This church has removed the word “sin” from their vocabulary so changed the words of the song to fit their theology.

This morning I ended my year-long read through the Bible plan by reading the last words God breathed into Scripture. It’s a glorious picture of God with His children – NO MORE SEA!

Finally, we will have everything we’ve ever longed for or needed. We’ll be in the Presence of our Heavenly Father forever. Just thinking about this truth makes me homesick!

But John’s revelation doesn’t end there. It ends with a warning:

If anyone adds to or takes away from the words God inspired, God will take away his part from the Book of Life.

Now I know the words from the Christmas song are not Scripture. So changing the word “sin” to the word “fear” shouldn’t be a big deal. But I have to ask myself, why the change? Is it because they have changed what Scripture has to say about our sinful state? In this case, that’s exactly why they changed the words.

We can’t rewrite Scripture without serious consequences. Why would we want to? The Truth of Scripture is so incredible just the way it’s written. Sure, it points out our hopeless condition before a Holy God. But it also contains the best news ever.

It’s a truly happy ending for anyone who believes.

I pray you will resolve to read God’s Word faithfully in 2016. I pray you will block out the outside voices that would change what God inspired men to write so long ago. I pray that you will love Scripture, memorize it, apply it to your life, and hold fast to the Truth contained there.

And may God bless you in 2016 with the knowledge of His Presence, His love, and His forgiveness through the precious blood of His Son, Jesus.

I am praying for you.