The Truth of Scripture

This year, one of my former students beautifully sang “O Holy Night” in her church’s Christmas program. I know her church to be a very liberal, feel good church. Yet I was surprised to hear her sing, “Long lay the world in fear and error pining…” This church has removed the word “sin” from their vocabulary so changed the words of the song to fit their theology.

This morning I ended my year-long read through the Bible plan by reading the last words God breathed into Scripture. It’s a glorious picture of God with His children – NO MORE SEA!

Finally, we will have everything we’ve ever longed for or needed. We’ll be in the Presence of our Heavenly Father forever. Just thinking about this truth makes me homesick!

But John’s revelation doesn’t end there. It ends with a warning:

If anyone adds to or takes away from the words God inspired, God will take away his part from the Book of Life.

Now I know the words from the Christmas song are not Scripture. So changing the word “sin” to the word “fear” shouldn’t be a big deal. But I have to ask myself, why the change? Is it because they have changed what Scripture has to say about our sinful state? In this case, that’s exactly why they changed the words.

We can’t rewrite Scripture without serious consequences. Why would we want to? The Truth of Scripture is so incredible just the way it’s written. Sure, it points out our hopeless condition before a Holy God. But it also contains the best news ever.

It’s a truly happy ending for anyone who believes.

I pray you will resolve to read God’s Word faithfully in 2016. I pray you will block out the outside voices that would change what God inspired men to write so long ago. I pray that you will love Scripture, memorize it, apply it to your life, and hold fast to the Truth contained there.

And may God bless you in 2016 with the knowledge of His Presence, His love, and His forgiveness through the precious blood of His Son, Jesus.

I am praying for you.

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