January 23

Gen 27:1-28:9, 36:1-43, I Chronicles 1:35-54

I don’t feel too sorry for Esau. Yes Jacob deceived their father and received the blessing that should have been Esau’s. But from what I read about the elder brother he wasn’t faultless, either.

Esau brought foreign wives into his father’s home and I imagine the women brought their false gods with them. He was so flippant about his birthright he sold it for a bowl of soup. It sounds like he wanted the blessing of being Abraham’s son but he didn’t feel the need to be obedient.

How serious am I about being in my Father’s family? Do I strive to live a life that honors Him or do I take for granted the blessing of being His child? Am I flippant about my salvation, about the cross?

God I am blessed as your child. Help me to live up to your expectations. May I make you proud today.

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