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It’s On Me

I read Proverbs 25-29 this morning as part of my daily walk through the chronological Bible. Some of the proverbs make me chuckle. Others hit home and convict. I don’t understand some of them. What I came away with today is: be honest, love and obey God, use good sense, don’t get too full of yourself. I am reminded that God wants to bless me today. The only thing standing in his way, is me.

I went to my weekly Weight Watchers meeting this morning. (that’s a story in itself) The instructor asked us to list those things that cause us to slip up in our attempt to lose weight. People threw out things like: other people, snacks at the workplace, depression, fatigue, holidays, etc. We all could relate!

Then she said: none of those things cause us to fail. It’s us. It’s me. It’s my taking that handful of chips, or worse, the whole bag. It’s me eating that candy and not counting it. She reminded us that no one forces food in our mouths, and that we need to take responsibility for every bite. 

I was reminded of that truth as I read Proverbs today. I am responsible for the choices I make: from my attitude, to how I dress, to the relationships I have, to my response to temptation. I can’t blame you… or God.

If I am not being blessed by God, it’s not his fault. Circumstances aside, he wants to bless me in every and all situations, good and bad. He only asks that I trust and obey him. So if I’m not being blessed by God, it’s on me.

My Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for your abundant blessings. Forgive me for those times I miss out on what you have for me because of sin in my life, because I have taken my eyes off of you. Help me to take responsibility for the choices I make every day. And may I choose you.