February 4; A Pretty Good Imitation

Exodus 7:14-9:35

I find it interesting that Pharaoh’s magicians could perform some of the same miracles Moses and Aaron performed. They turned a staff into a snake, water into blood, and made frogs come up on land. I’m not so interested in figuring out HOW they did, just the fact that they did.

Here’s the thing: Satan has been imitating God since the beginning. And he’s pretty good at it. He’s even wormed his way into some of our pulpits, and can quote Scripture with the best of them.

It would be easy to spot the difference between Jesus followers and Satan followers if all non-believers wore black hats and scowled all the time, and all believers wore the white hats and were happy, peaceful, lovely people. It would be easy to tell truth from lies if every time a lie was told, the liar’s nose would grow.

But Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. His lies sound plausible, his twisting of Scripture sounds God-like. And if we aren’t careful, we can easily fall into his trap. After all, it sounds Christian to believe God is love, love, love, that God creates some people to be homosexual, that God rewards good people, or that god can be anything you want him or her to be, just so you are happy. It seems god-like to believe everybody goes to a better place when they die, or that there is only peace and nothingness after death.

You get the picture. I could go on. Do you recognize Satan’s lies when you hear them? Satan does a pretty good imitation of God. But he never has been, and never will be God. Let’s determine to recognize the difference. Let’s be in God’s Word so we know the Truth when we hear it, and can recognize the frogs that come from God and those that come from Satan. The difference is eternally important.

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