I Chronicles 26-29; That’s What Friends Are For

I was reading all the names of David’s chief officers, overseers, and counselors, and was struck that buried in the list of assignments was “the king’s friend.” (27:33) Hushai the Arkite’s position as friend is right up there with Joab, commander of the royal army.

Do you remember Hushai’s story? I went back and re-read 2 Samuel 15-16 and reminded myself that Hushai took on a dangerous assignment when he infiltrated Absalom’s inner circle in order to spy on the son of David, and thwart his attempt to steal the throne away from David. Hushai was that loyal to David. And David trusted Hushai that much.

I can see why David considered Hushai’s friendship an important position in his kingdom.

God has blessed me with some pretty good friendships, too. My forever friends are my sisters. So thankful for their love, and support through the years.

Other wonderful friends have blessed my life for a season, then for various reasons have moved on. I have dear friends in Ohio, and others here in Georgia.

I spent yesterday with four of my friends who live on this island and who worship with me at our church. We went to a quaint little town, browsed the shops, and had lunch. We solved the world’s problems, and laughed like silly school-girls all in one wonderful day. We call ourselves The Fabulous Five, or The Little Old Church Ladies depending on what kind of trouble we’re getting into together. I think yesterday was a fabulous day.

As I think about friendships I find myself considering what these, and other women have to offer me, how they have blessed me, encouraged me, held me accountable. But then God nudged me to consider what kind of friend I am to them.

Do I take more than give? Do I wait for them to call me? Do I go out of my way to stand with them when they need it? How much of myself do I share with them?

God created us to be relational. We are people who need people. (someone should write a song). What a privilege it is to be an extension of God’s love for a friend by loving that friend in a tangible way.

Thank You for friendships, God. I see so many examples in Your Word about the importance of friends. David and Jonathan, David and Hushai, Jesus and John, and Peter, and James, Lazarus, Mary and Martha. Continue to speak to me about my friendships, and help me to be the kind of friend that honors You, and blesses them.

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