I Chronicles 22-25; Your Serve

I’m on the nominating committee at my church. We are given the responsibility to prayerfully consider our membership and fill all the committees that serve there. From ushers to finance, media to food service, evangelism and youth, we spend a great deal of time talking to people about how they can contribute to the smooth running of our church and its outreach. It’s been an education for me.

Some people are eager to fill positions, others glad to stay part of a committee they already serve. Some take days to pray about it, while others just don’t return calls or emails. Our deadline to submit our nominees for congregational approval is approaching, and I still have one position to fill. Maybe today.

I guess it’s not a surprise, then, that I thought about this as I read these chapters in I Chronicles. David is filling the committees for service at the temple. We don’t read that there was any hesitation on the part of the people. Doesn’t seem like any of them told David they were too busy to serve, or that God wasn’t leading them in that direction. Maybe they did, and we are just reading the completed list of committees as though when approached, all agreed to serve. But I doubt it.

Now I am not discounting busy schedules, or God’s leading. I’m not suggesting you don’t pray about it before committing your time, and in turn, your family’s time. Just don’t use God as an excuse to sit back and do nothing. Don’t make your laziness or disinterest sound spiritual by saying you need to pray about it, then not pray.

Because I can confidently say that if you are part of a church body, and I hope you are, there is something for you to do to keep it going. There is a committee you should be a part of, a responsibility that should be yours.

If you’re worried about a busy schedule, give that schedule to God and see how He can provide. If you think you don’t have what it takes to take on a particular position, let God show you what He can do when you submit to Him. If one committee or responsibility doesn’t fit into your wheelhouse, find another committee that does.

Get involved, dear one. Be a part of the great work God wants to do in your midst.

Your serve.

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