2 Samuel 19-21; The Emporer’s New Clothes

So a worthless fellow, Sheba, blew a trumpet and announced, “David is not our king,” and 20:2 tells us all the men of Israel withdrew from following David, seemingly without having a thought of their own. I think Sheba may have been a reporter for CNN.

“Trump is not my president.”

And many Americans follow that opinion as though it were fact. The media blows a trumpet, and people quit thinking.

Chief Wahoo hurts my feelings. Get rid of him.

The Confederate flag is racist. Burn it.

Christopher Columbus never stepped foot on US soil. Erase him from our history.

Robert Lee, an Asian sports commentator, has a name like that of a Confederate general. Fire him.

We are living right in the middle of the Emporer’s New Clothes fable. We are naked, and parading around like we’re all dressed up for a party. I’ve lived through some embarrassing moments in history, but what is happening today is beyond embarrassing. It might very well be the end of this country so many have died to establish and protect.

Christian, let’s continue to pray for sanity to return to our nation. Let’s continue to speak up for rational thinking and against emotionally controlled actions, let’s speak up for the Truth of Scripture, for patriotism. Let’s stop getting our news from FaceBook, and start to question everything we are hearing from the media. There are two sides to every story. Are we afraid the facts might prove us wrong?

God can heal this land. It’s up to us Christians to humble ourselves, to confess our sin, and to turn back to Him. There is no other hope for the USA.

2 thoughts on “2 Samuel 19-21; The Emporer’s New Clothes

  1. Joseph Gribbin

    Your last sentence is so true, even today. It applies to us (US). It is only by God’s Grace that we have the president that we do. It is only by God’s grace that our nation will be saved. Indeed, we all need to be on our knees in repentance (if only for our apathy) and prayer for His intercession!


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