Genesis 37-39 It Doesn’t Matter

I’ve enjoyed my change of Bible study so far this year. I’ve slowed down, read less, and studied more. I’ve looked at each story, each verse a little more closely, and I’ve learned a lot.

But I’ll confess I also get a bit frustrated. As much as I respect the theologians whose commentaries I read, sometimes I feel they can get caught up in insignificant speculation. Like, did Joseph’s brothers throw him into a well or a pit, was it Judah or Reuben who pulled him out, did they sell him to the Medanites or the Midianites, was Potiphar a eunuch (someone really presented the possibility).

Now I know I, too, have speculated on certain points as I’ve posted my thoughts these past few years. It’s natural to wonder, isn’t it? But in the end all that really matters is what God has revealed in His Word. And really, it might be a waste of time to get caught up in possible details not included in the inspired Word. It might be a ploy of Satan to get our attention away from what God wants us to know.

The Scripture tells us that Joseph’s brothers sold him, he ended up in Egypt, God blessed Joesph in spite of circumstances, and used Joseph’s obedience to save his whole family. We read that his brothers lied to their dad, and continued with that lie for years. Those are the facts. And there are enough lessons to be learned from the facts without arguing whether Joseph’s coat was striped or ornamented, or both.

It doesn’t really matter.

Father, I thank you for men and women who have studied your Word and are led to share their insight. But God, help me to trust Your Words first and foremost. May I always read the commentaries, articles, books, and blogs (including mine), using Scripture as the plumb line. And help me not miss the lessons You would have me learn, by being too preoccupied with details and supposition.

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