Change Me

I was reading what David said his enemies were saying about him and wondered if he wasn’t exaggerating just a little. (Psalm 109) I know he had enemies but were they really saying things like: I hope his creditors siege his entire estate, I hope no one will be kind to him, I hope all his kids die, I hope his mother’s sins are never erased from the record.

Maybe.  Or are we witnessing a self-absorbed pity party? I know I’ve said things, stretched the truth to make it appear my troubles are a bit worse than they really are in order to gain support from someone. Is that what David’s doing? I don’t know. But I like what he says in verse 21:

Deal with me, Lord, for the sake of your reputation.

When I am telling my woes to someone, even God, I often do so hoping to get them on my side, to avenge the wrong done to me. I want them to be as mad at my enemy as I am. But David says, what is it about ME that needs changed? Because, God, I represent you and if people are saying these awful things about me I don’t want it to reflect on you. I don’t want to be a snare that stops someone from finding you.

So deal with me, Lord. Change me. Show me how to love my enemies so they’ll learn to love you.

2 thoughts on “Change Me

  1. vonhonnauldt

    David lived in a different time than we do. His comments, while strange to us, fit right in with his own time. Remember during our Lord’s ministry, some people refused to hear Him and His disciples asked if they should call down fire like one of the OT prophets did. Our Lord rebuked them because that was no longer to be the attitude of God’s people.

    1. cazehner Post author

      Thanking God for this truth. Thanking God for you! I really appreciate your insight into God’s Word. May he bless your day.


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