God Loves The Impossible

Joshua 10 records a pretty amazing event. From a human perspective, Joshua took quite a leap of faith when he prayed a public prayer asking God to stop the sun dead in its tracks. Even if prompted by God, saying something so outrageous would have sounded insane. We know scientifically that if the sun stands still it’s because the earth quit spinning and if that’s the case there would be no gravity and… well… it’s impossible.

But we have a God who loves the impossible! The sun stood still and Israel’s army defeated the enemy.

God loves the impossible.

Including each of us. No one is too far gone for his love and grace to penetrate a heart still beating. The vilest offender who truly believes, that moment from Jesus a pardon receives.

And just as God revealed his power that day in what we read in the book of Joshua, he reveals that same power in a changed life today. Nothing is impossible for God. When I read this portion of Joshua I don’t see God asking us to pray for material signs of his power. Moving mountains into the sea or stopping the earth from spinning isn’t the point. I see God telling us to pray for the souls of those we think are too far gone.

President Obama? John Travolta or Tom Cruze? That neighbor down the street or that rebellious person who lives in your home?

God loves the impossible. Let’s pray believing. He can do it.

Dear God, I would ask you to forgive me for not praying like I should. I think way too small for a God as powerful as you. I do pray for our President. Father, even now I would ask that you would bring yourself to his mind, that you would touch his heart, that you would find him ready to give his life to you. I pray for public figures like those who are caught in the lies of Scientology. I pray that they will find Jesus as Savior and would use their celebrity to point others to him, too. I pray for those people close to me who are living ungodly lives, who have drifted from you or denied you. I pray believing that you are able to break through the hardest heart and I’m asking you to do that. Thank you for loving the impossible. Show me what you would have me do to accomplish these things in Jesus’ name.

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