And The Walls Came Tumbling Down

A new generation of Jews was given the privilege of seeing what their parents and grandparents had seen at the Red Sea. In the book of Joshua we read that God allowed them to cross the Jordan River on dry ground and witness God’s power first hand. The Jews walked into the Promised Land and the people residing there were terrified of them because of God. As they should.

The first city, Jericho, was taken by unconventional battle strategies. But it was God who instructed the Jews to walk around the walled city in silence once a day for six days. Just walk. Say or do nothing else. I can imagine the people of Jericho being terribly afraid the first time they witnessed the silent march around their city. But nothing happened. After the third day of the same thing, the people inside the walls were probably confused. And by the sixth day they were most likely amused. (There go those crazy Jews again. Pass the potatoes)

Here’s the thing about God. He’s not on the same time table we are on. And his ways are very often not our ways. But obedience will always produce the results that bring glory to God and point people to the Savior.

Obedience might not look like that of the priests who took those first steps into the chilly waters of the Jordan River. It might be another difficult first step for us like changing careers, befriending an enemy who needs the Savior, uprooting our family to serve God in another part of the world, or something else God has laid on our hearts. Whatever God is asking you to do, that first step can be a tough one.

Obedience might look like Israel’s army. Silently obeying God, doing the day-to-day things that have no immediate effect. It could be praying for a loved one for years to find the Savior. It might be living a life separate from the world, loving our neighbors and doing good to those who aren’t so good to us. It might be the ordinary every day things that we do in the name of Jesus that draw people to him.

As we read in the book of Joshua, obedience results in blessing. The walls that would keep us out of a close relationship with Jesus come tumbling down when we obey the Father. It might not be easy. And it might not always make sense according to the world’s viewpoint. But if God is in it, what we do in his name will bring about amazing results for our good and his glory.

Father, may you find your people ready and eager to obey you. Even if we don’t understand the logic. Even if what you are asking is outside our comfort zone. Help us to recognize your voice and to block out the voice of the enemy by praying, being students of your written Word. And when you nudge us into action, may we take that first scary step and allow you to do great things in and through us for Jesus’ sake.

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