Step Aside, Satan

Some areas of the Promised Land were more difficult to capture than others, as we read in the book of Joshua. Sure, Israel’s reputation for being God’s chosen people was well known and God’s miracles on their behalf was legendary. But let’s face it. There were people who owned land there, who lived and worked in those cities and not everyone was ready to just step aside and let the Jews take it all. Satan had a foothold in that area and he was not giving up without a fight.

And he hasn’t changed.

When we accept Jesus as Savior we are offered a relationship with God himself, our own private Promised Land. And God wants us to enjoy it all. However, sometimes sin is so deeply rooted in our lives we have trouble conquering it and we miss out on the blessings that are intended to be ours. An addiction or an ungodly relationship pulls at us. A vice, a hobby, a lifestyle is so important to us we don’t want to let go. Jealousy, hate, pride, anger are so ingrained in us we don’t recognize ourselves without them. We end up trying to live with that sin right inside the Promised Land. Satan loves that.

The truth is if we want everything God intends for us in our relationship with him we need to defeat the enemy in our lives. It’s a matter of choice. And often a very difficult daily choice.

God told Israel: There is the land I promised you. Go clear it out and enjoy living there. Defeat the enemy, rid yourself of him. I’m right here with you.

He’s saying that to us today, too.

So step aside, Satan. Or get ready to battle. God and I are taking the land! 

2 thoughts on “Step Aside, Satan

  1. H.

    Good post. Let’s not give the enemy another inch of the abundant life our Savior died to give us. Letting go is SO hard! It’s more than a daily choice, it is a moment by moment release of our “rights.” Sometimes, I have to imagine actually nailing my emotions or temptations or thoughts to the cross. I see my bloody, wounded Savior taking my sin and I am changed and I get through that moment. Jesus, thank you for saving our souls. Help us to defeat the enemy by dying to ourselves continually and remembering that you’ve already won the war.

    1. cazehner Post author

      Such a beautiful picture of what Jesus did for us, H. And you are right, often those battles involve the moment by moment releasing of what we consider our rights. So thankful that we have a Savior who died for our sins and is eager to defeat Satan in our lives every minute of every day. May you enjoy that abundant life Jesus died to give you. May I.


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