God loves us. He created us out of love and for love. He delights in blessing us, in taking the trials of life and turning them into ways of demonstrating his power and goodness to us. He watches us. He protects us. He gives us everything we need for life on earth and in eternity.


If we obey him. God cannot bless disobedience in anyone. He is not a loving God at the exclusion of his holiness. And I think modern spirituality and much of the church in 2014, overlook this very important fact.

Moses’ song recorded in Deuteronomy 31 reminds the ancient Jews, and it reminds us, that we serve a great God, a God who blesses, a God who loves and a God we must fear. He’s not a buddy or a magic genie. He is the great I AM who demands holiness of us because he is holy.

He’s a God who hates sin with a burning passion and who punishes every sin we commit. Every one!

But here is love. And his name is Jesus.

Jesus didn’t come to earth so that sin can be overlooked or denied. He came to pay the penalty for the lie I told as a toddler when mommy asked me if I took a cookie from the cookie jar, to the many sins I’ve committed and still commit since then. 

Am I afraid of God? I should be. Do I fear disobeying him? If I don’t I’m not looking at sin the way he does.

Holy God, forgive us when we rationalize, accept, or ignore sin in our lives. May we view disobedience as seriously as you do. May we fear you with a healthy fear and choose obedience because of the reality of devastating consequence for disobedience. May we recognize your holiness and understand that you cannot bless sin in anyone’s life. Not even mine. Thank you for love, for Jesus who paid what I cannot pay, who took my sin upon himself and who offers me forgiveness, not excuses… forgiveness. May my life be lived out of love and gratefulness for you!

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