September 28

Luke 1

Our journey into the New Testament begins today with Dr. Luke’s account of what happened during the life of Jesus here on earth. Luke wasn’t one of the twelve disciples. But he researched the facts and put to paper what he found to be true, concerned that there were some stories going around that weren’t accurate. As a physician he was used to sifting through evidence. And the result is as close to an accurate account as he could make it.

I’m glad he included the events surrounding the birth of John the Baptist and Gabriel’s visit to Mary when she was told God had chosen her to give birth to his son. It spoke to me when Elizabeth heard Mary’s voice and the baby she was carrying “leaped for joy”.

It dawned on me that Jesus lives in me as real as he was as a baby in Mary’s womb. And it made me wonder how that fact effects my friends and family when they hear my voice. Does Jesus in me cause others to rejoice in my presence? It should.

Is Jesus as visible in my life as a protruding belly on a pregnant woman? He should be that recognizable.

We are going to spend the next three months reading about Jesus. My prayer is that as we do, we will love him more, serve him better out of grateful hearts, rejoice in his goodness, and allow him to be more visible in our lives. 

Jesus changed the world. Let him change you.

Gracious God, thank you so much for coming to earth as a baby, living among us and demonstrating your love for us. I pray that as we read the New Testament you will change each of us, regardless of how long we have walked with you. Teach us more about you. Reveal yourself more intimately with each of us. And may spending time in your Word and thinking about your life strengthen us to be the people you would have us be. What a privilege we have of knowing the God of the Universe so personally!


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