May 28

Proverbs 5-7

Solomon talks a lot about the adulteress. His warnings against her are urgent and strong. But if we look at this section of Scripture as simply talking about sex between people who are not married to each other we miss some urgent and strong warnings directed at all of us.

God is our bridegroom. Remember Solomon’s Song? The relationship between God and those who accept his grace is as intimate, as personal, and as exclusive as a marriage relationship is designed to be.

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me” is one of God’s top ten commandments.

So when I read these verses in the book of Proverbs I need to remind myself that anything that compromises my relationship with Christ is to be taken seriously. Anything. 

The “adulteress” in my life could be another person. But it could also be my career. It could be a prideful heart. It might be gossip, fun or fantasy, lying or lust. 

Solomon is warning us to flee anything or anyone that would lead us astray. If you haven’t read today’s chapters in Proverbs I hope you do. And if you have, I challenge you to reread them and ask God to put a face on your “adulteress”. Identify that person or thing that is actively seeking to compromise your relationship with your bridegroom.

Then, my prayer is that you will commit that adulteress to the Lord, asking him to help you resist, to flee, to have victory over the temptation to be unfaithful to Jesus. God wants to give you victory today.

2 thoughts on “May 28

  1. Toni Sprandel

    Thank you for this awesome reminder of who our true affections belong to! LORD show me my “adultress” and help me to live, love and sacrifice anything that comes between you and me! I love you Jesus, may you always be my first love!


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