March 28

Joshua 13-15

Two people in these chapters made specific requests when the land was being divided among the Israelites. One was an old man. One was a woman.

Caleb, at 85, felt as strong as he felt when, as a 40 year old spy, he was sent in to see what the Promised Land held for the Jewish nation. Remember when he made his report he was the one who told Moses that they should go in and take the land from the giants. God promised Caleb a specific plot of land as a reward for his faith. Now Caleb is going to Joshua to ask for that land.

The other person was Caleb’s daughter, Acsah. She asked her dad to give her land with fresh water.

Both people got what they had asked for.

I think God wants us to be specific with our requests. What is my heart’s desire? It’s ok to ask. The worst that can happen is He’ll say no. But if He does, He’ll give us the grace to accept His answer. And anyway… He just might say yes.

God, as I lay my desires at your feet today, I ask you do with my requests as you see fit. Help me to trust you with the answers. And may my heart’s desires be in line with your will for me.

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