March 29

Joshua 16:1-19:31, I Chronicles 4:24-33

Joseph’s family weren’t all that thrilled about their inheritance. They looked around and realized some of the other families seemed to have received more land than they. So they complained to Joshua. Give us more, they cried. Joshua says, If you don’t like it, if you think you need more, then put down the remote and get busy clearing the land you have. They replied, it’s too hard! To which Joshua said, get over yourself. Clear it. You can do it.

Ok. Maybe that’s not an exact quote from Scripture but you get the idea. Joseph’s family wanted to live comfortably in Canaan but they were unwilling to do what needed to be done to make that happen.

This Christian life is hard work. While we walk this earth there are things to do, battles to win. And each of us has a job to do no one else can do. If we want to live in Canaan we’ve got to cut down some trees. If we want that deeper relationship with the Lord we’ve got to cut out sin.

It’s a personal road we are on. And if we don’t do what God is asking we will never realize what it is like to fellowship with him on that deeper level.

Today is Good Friday, the day we celebrate the death of our Savior. Talk about a tough job. Jesus had to go to the cross. He was the only one who could do it. But he was obedient all the way. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, despising the shame. The thing is Jesus WANTED to go to the cross. He set his face like flint, meaning he knew what he wanted and nothing was going to stop him. The joy that was set before him was me. It was you. It was all of us who choose Jesus.

Dear Jesus, thank you for going to the cross for me. You went willingly because you knew I would accept you as my Savior two thousand years later. I pray that I won’t be satisfied just to accept your gift of salvation without doing everything it takes to walk as close to you as I can get this side of heaven. Reveal the sin in me that needs to be cut down. And may I be quick to obey, for the joy set before me… the joy of having that deeper relationship with you.

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