March 27

Joshua 10-12

The Israelites took the Promised Land. City after city fell as the Jewish army swept in. God was obviously on their side to the degree that God gave them a full day… 24 hours of daylight so they could finish one of their battles. There has never been a day like it before or since.

One thing I noticed, God had promised them the land but He didn’t just hand it over to them. There were battles to fight, enemies to defeat. God went with them. But they had to go to war in order to live in the land.

Once the nation of Israel captured the last city God had given them, they enjoyed a time of peace. No more war. For the first time in their life time they had houses to go home to. They were finally where God intended them to be.

God would have us see that He is still in the business of destroying enemies. He still fights on the side of His people. And He will do whatever it takes to win… even go to the cross Himself!

Let’s let God help us defeat Satan in our own lives. He made the earth stand still that day. He died and rose again. Nothing is too hard for God and no enemy we face too strong for Him.

May we, like Joshua and the Israelites allow God to have control, destroy Satan’s hold, and may we enjoy the peace that comes from victory over sin.

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