January 31

I Chronicles 4:1-23, 7:1-5, 12-13, 30-40    Genesis 46:13-47:12

I am sometimes tempted to skip over the long list of difficult-to-pronounce names in the genealogies. I know they must be important or they would not be included in Scripture. Why did God inspire men to carefully record the descendants of his people? And why include that list more than once?

As I sit here this morning and reflect on these verses I am struck with the thought about my own genealogy. I’m not talking about biological relatives. I am talking about my spiritual lineage.

Listed there are my dear Mother, two spinster sisters we called Aunt Minnie and Aunt Rose who taught our pre-school Sunday School class and who prayed with me. My grandparents are there. As are those who introduced them to the Savior. Aunts and Uncles who loved the Lord, pastors whose messages encouraged and convicted me. A missionary named Alice who spoke at our church when I was twelve. The list goes on.

I thank God for these saints whose lives have touched mine and helped to mold me into the Christian woman I am today.

But will the genealogy end with me? Will there be people in heaven who are there because of me? Will I be listed among the names of those whose lives have drawn them to a saving knowledge of Jesus?

Lord, I thank you for reminding me today that I have a job to do. Help me to influence someone today  in a way that will draw them to You. I want to be a part of someone’s spiritual genealogy. Thank you for the people who are a part of mine.

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