January 27

Genesis 36-39

I find it interesting that Joseph’s brothers sat down to dinner after they threw their brother into the cistern. They had allowed their jealousy to grow to the point of hate. Did they hear Joseph calling to them? Were they aware of his tears? How could they just sit there and pretend nothing was wrong? Were their hearts so hard?

Did they watch Joseph struggle as he was being dragged into captivity? Not one of the ten brothers came to Joseph’s rescue.

Once again God has allowed us to see what hate can do when left to fester. In this case, hating Joseph made it seemingly easy to get rid of him and plan an elaborate lie to cover their tracks. Life went on as normal as they ate their meal.

But I wonder how often they were awakened at night by the sounds of their brother crying out to them. I wonder if the grief in their dad’s eyes meant anything to them.

Lord, help me recognize those feelings in me that could become destructive. And may I refuse to allow those feelings to take root. Give me a sensitive heart and may I be quick to come to you at the first sign of trouble.

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