January 28

Genesis 40-41

I know there are so many parallels in Joseph’s and Jesus’ stories. Both were only 30 when they began their ministries. They both taught about planning for the future. And I think the storehouses in Joseph’s story are very  much like the gospel in Jesus’.

In the Old Testament people came from all over the world to receive what Joseph had. They came with great hunger, needing to be fed. They recognized their need of food and knew where to turn.

There are hungry people in our world, too. People who recognize an emptiness, a hunger that only God can satisfy. Do they know where to turn? And are we ready to share what we have with them?

Lord, may your Church, those people who know you as Savior, be ready and eager to share the good news of Jesus Christ. I pray for hungry and hurting people today. May they recognize that it’s You they need. And may they be drawn to us. Prepare us to feed a multitude today.

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