January 22

Gen 5:1-4, I Chronicles 1:34, Gen 25:19-26, Gen 25:7-11, Gen 25:27-26:35

Did you notice when you read God’s Word today that when Abraham died both Isaac and Ishmael buried him? I wonder what the relationship between the two brothers was like at this time. Was there reconciliation? Did they learn how to be friends by then?

Noticeably absent from the funeral are the sons born to Abraham after Sarah died. Genesis 25:6 tells us he sent the boys away to live in the east, to get them away from Isaac.

But here’s what I noticed today. Verse 5 says while he was still alive Abraham gave gifts to the sons of his concubines. Abraham gave them THINGS. Maybe he gave them anything they wanted. He was wealthy enough.

But hear me out, parents. You can’t buy you children’s love. Nothing can equal the time you invest in them from day one. If you are too busy to go to a soccer game you are too busy. And if you rationalize your excessive work ethic by telling yourself you are doing it for them, so they can have the THINGS they want, you are missing the point. They want you! They need you. They need to know you are on the sidelines, cheering them on. They need to know they are more important to you than a paycheck or a promotion. They need to know they can count on you to be there for them in good times and bad.

I promise you if your children get used to life without you when they are young, they will have no problem living life without you when they are older.

Your children are in your homes for such a short time. And you can never get that time back. Ask Abraham. His sons didn’t even go to his funeral.

God I pray again today for parents. Give them the ability to balance work and home. And may the scales always tip towards home.

I hope I’ve given you some things to think about each morning. But if you get a minute, I’d love to hear what God is teaching you from his Word, too. Forgive me if I don’t respond right away. I’m new at this blog thing and am just learning my way around. I promise I’ll try to get better.

Thank you for reading my posts. I am praying for you.

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