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Jan 12 – Questions Without Answers

Job 32-34

Elihu asks a question worth considering:

Why do you complain against (God) that He does not give an account of all His doings? (Job 33:13)

The book of Job is filled with reminders that God is God and we are His creation. There is a hierarchy and we’re not on top.

Friend, God does not owe you an explanation.

God didn’t even owe it to us to inspire men to write His Words for us to read, for us to use to get to know Him. And just because God didn’t include every tiny bit of information you might think you need in Scripture, it doesn’t mean He’s done anything wrong. He, in His ultimate knowledge, just doesn’t think you happen to need to know that particular detail this side of heaven.

That’s where faith comes in. God wants us to trust Him. Satan, however, would have us disappointed in or angry at God for not giving us the answers we want.

But let’s focus on what He HAS given us, the answers to other, more important questions. Like how we can be forgiven. Like how we can be sure of our eternity. Like how to live our lives in service to this great God who doesn’t owe us anything…

yet gives us so much.