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Why All The Tiny Details, God?

Exodus 24-27

Were you tempted to skim over these chapters today? If you are a visual learner or if you aren’t into architecture and construction details, you probably were like me and found your eyes glazing over. Pictures! I need pictures!

Whatever was God thinking, to include such minute details in His Word for a structure that has long since been destroyed? I don’t even know what a cubit is – or care.

But as is the case every time I read these chapters and others like them, I am reminded ALL Scripture has a purpose. It grows us, stretches us, strengthens us to make us useful members of God’s kingdom. God’s Word reveals Himself in an intimate and meaningful way. All of it. Including these chapters in Exodus.

So this morning, when I found my eyes glazing over I stopped, backed up, and read again, asking God to speak to my heart. He always answers that prayer!

Today I found myself honing in on the Mercy Seat, the Holy of Holies, and the curtain that separated God from the people. The building of the Tabernacle was so that God could be a visible Presence as the Jews wandered in the wilderness. It was the place the people could go to God in praise and worship, and to receive forgiveness for their sins. From what I can tell, it must have been a beautiful structure there in the desert. And there in the center of it all was where God lived on Earth.


The truth of it is, every detail of the Tabernacle points to Jesus. Probably in more ways than we realize. The Tabernacle was a real life picture of Jesus’ atoning work on the cross. When I read how the curtain in the Temple tore in two the moment Jesus died, I think back to the description of the curtain here in Exodus, and the purpose it was there.

It reminds me that now, after Jesus, there is unhindered access to the throne of God. God doesn’t live in a tent any more. He does not live in temples made by hands. He lives in those of us who have accepted His mercy and grace through the blood of His precious Son, Jesus!

We are the temple of God if we have repented of our sin. And all the minute details we read about in the building of the Tabernacle, God is as detailed in His building of you and me, His current home on Earth.

So don’t skim over these chapters. Read every word. Every detail. They were written for you from the God who loves you and wants you to know Him!

February 14; Counting Nails

Exodus 36:8-38:31

Our church is in the middle of a building project, and right now we are in the process of getting down to the nuts and bolts. Seriously.

The architect, builder, and our building committee are deciding how many nails, screws, washers, etc. we will need to put up the structure. What color and kind of paint, flooring, trim, windows, doors, etc., etc., etc. ┬áThere isn’t an inch of the projected building that hasn’t been discussed. I’m not on that committee, thankfully. It sounds tedious.

Like reading these chapters in Exodus. Why do I care how many hooks held up the curtains of the tabernacle?

Because God does.

I am reminded that as God and I continue to build this life, this tabernacle called Connie, He is interested in every detail. It’s all important to Him, from my thoughts to my actions, from the way I interact with people to the way I speak to Him, from temptations I face to my will to win over them.

Just like with Moses, God has given me the blueprint. He’s gone over the plans. He’s gotten down to the nuts and bolts required to build a beautiful life He can live in on this earth.

He’s told me things like “put on the whole armor of God,” “resist the devil,” “flee youthful lusts,” “think on things that are pure, holy… praiseworthy,” don’t forsake the regular meeting with fellow believers,” “love your neighbor,” “do good to those who mistreat me,” “trust Him,” “love Him,” “obey Him.”

If God was that interested in the minute details of the tabernacle in the desert, a structure that would decay and disappear, how much more is He interested in me?

And shouldn’t I be as intentional about following His plan as the Israelites were?

So if God wants to get down to the nuts and bolts of my life, if He wants to reveal a sin or point me in a new direction, I’m in. Count those nails, Lord. And if I come up short, help me to do and be what I need, to be able to present you with a tabernacle of Your design, a life you deserve.

Exodus 35-38; The Prefect Tabernacle


Since God inspired Moses to write down the intricate details of the building of the tabernacle, I figure it must be important. So, not being one who can picture it from the words, I went to Google.

Not all artists renderings are exactly the same, but I can see that structure was amazing. For one, the colors must have looked spectacular against the backdrop of the desert.

And all that gold!

I love how God inspired them to construct the courtyard around the tabernacle, to protect it and set it apart. And I love how the Israelites built their tent cities around the place where God lived on earth.

God took His dwelling place seriously, and so did the Jews. How could the neighbors not recognize it, too? It had to be quite a testimony.

The New Testament tells us Jesus dwelt, or tabernacled, among us. Hebrews talks about a more perfect tabernacle not made of hands. Every detail of the Old Testament tabernacle is realized in the person of Jesus Christ. Think of it. He is the Gate, the Door, the Sacrifice, the Atonement, the Bread, the Light, the One who cleanses and intercedes. And when Jesus died on the cross, the veil that up until that time separated us from the Holy of Holies was ripped in two, giving us access to God Himself any time, any day.

So I don’t want to gloss over the tiny details of the tabernacle Moses built. It’s a picture of my Jesus. I want to build my life, my city of tents so to speak, around Him. I want to honor Him, worship Him, and recognize what a truly awesome God He is. And I want to stand out as His follower as obviously as a colorful tent in the desert.