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October 9; Seeds

Mark 3:31-4:29; Matthew 12:46-13:23; Luke 8:1-21

I imagine if you are reading this blog you have some interest in the Bible. I, of course, hope it’s more than mere curiosity, that you read the Bible for yourself, and are growing in grace and knowledge of Jesus through God’s Word to you. I pray that the Scriptures are your very lifeline, fertilizer for your blossoming faith.

Jesus told the parable of the seed, and all of us can identify with one of the examples He used.

Is your heart hardened toward anything God would say to you? Do you insist you have all the answers, and don’t need a Savior? Then you are the seed that squanders God’s Word, the seed that allows Satan and his lies to come in and twist and steal the truth God is speaking to you.

Have you heard and accepted the fact that Jesus died for you? You believe the Bible is true, but you don’t really read it for yourself. You hear the preacher on Sunday morning, but by the time the big game is on Sunday afternoon, you can’t remember what he even said. You are the seed with shallow roots. Beware of the storm.

Are you trying to balance the truth of Scripture with fitting in with the world? If you haven’t separated yourself, don’t think you can grow where the weeds of the world are putting pressure on you. You are the seed trying to thrive among thorns.

Or are you planted on good soil, growing and producing fruit? Have you not only received the Savior, but are working with Him to clear the land, grow strong roots, and be exactly what God intends for you to be?

Jesus called this parable “the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven.” He promises if we receive the Truth like the last seed, the growing seed on good soil in His example, we will receive even more: more understanding, more growth, more fruit.

But, He warns, if we fit into any other category of seed in His parable, “even what (we have) will be taken from (us).” That is a sobering thought.

So my challenge for all of us today is, let’s get growing. Let’s be the last seed, firmly established on the Root, which is Jesus. Let’s be growing by reading God’s Word every day, praying, and walking purposefully with our Savior.

Let’s be seeds that produce fruit for God’s kingdom. Any other kind of seed is worthless.

October 9

Mark 3:31-35, 4:1-20, 21-29; Matthew 12:46-50, 13:1-23; Luke 8:19-21, 8:4-18

I’ve heard quite a few sermons on the parable of the seed. I’ve read these chapters many times myself. But I read something today that stood out as though for the first time.

You see, I’ve understood this parable to help us in our witnessing, to help us recognize that when we share the good news some people will reject it, some will accept it on the surface, and some will allow it to change them. It’s always challenged me to be a faithful sower regardless of how the message is received. And all that is true and a very integral part of what the parable is intended to convey.

But Jesus, when explaining the parable to his disciples said, “Therefore, consider carefully how you listen.” (Luke 8:18) He’s preaching to the choir and tells them they are to pay attention, too. It’s not just about people hearing the Gospel for the first time. The seeds in this parable referred to the disciples, too.

Today I’m asking myself, am I satisfied with the level of my knowledge and understanding of God’s Word? Or are there still some things God would want me to learn? As I read his Word each day, attend church or Bible study, do I do so with an open heart, ready to allow it to change me? Even after all these years I’ve walked with the Lord?

Every time I hear the Word I am a seed in Jesus’ parable. I want to be the seed that hears and retains it, and by persevering produces a crop. Jesus goes on to say in verse 8, “Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken from him.” There’s a blessing and a curse.

If I, who have such a rich history of Bible believing pastors and teachers, who have had the privilege of reading the Word for myself for decades, listen with an open heart and mind, there is still so much for me to learn. What a blessing!

But if I take God’s Word for granted, if I close myself off because I think I have it all figured out or that I have just enough to get me into heaven, I run the chance of losing it. My heart can become as rocky and hard as the soil in the parable. And look what happened to the seed there.

Dear Jesus, Thank you for your Word. It is alive and active and able to change hearts today. Including mine who have walked with you for many years. I pray that you will find my heart fertile, that you would continue to teach me through your Word and through the faithfulness of your pastors and teachers. As I consider how I am listening, I pray you will find me eager and willing to hear from you. And may I use what you are teaching me to plant seed so that others can know you, too.