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Faith Like Mary’s

Luke 1

Unmarried pregnant girls are so commonplace today I don’t think we can relate to what Mary’s submission to God’s will really meant, what having a baby without being married cost women back then.

Prostitution at best. Most likely death. Loss of everything and every one. And life for that child should he or she be born? Brutal.

Mary’s faith speaks to me. Her total, unquestioning trust in God is something I want for myself. If God asks me to do the impossible, may I remember:

Nothing is impossible with God. (1:37)

May I, like Mary when God asks me to do something hard, say confidently, “I am the Lord’s servant. Let His will be done in me.”

And mean it.

(Matthew 19) The Impossible

Do you believe all things are possible with God? I do, because Jesus said so. But what are the “all things?”

Does this half-verse mean I can do anything I set my mind to because God can do the impossible? If I’m determined to get that promotion at work, or buy that vacation home at the price I can afford, or get my magic number of followers on SnapChat so I can become an influencer, am I to believe I can succeed because God can do the impossible?

Don’t base your view of God on seven words of a partial verse in the Bible.

What God wants us to know in this portion of His Word is that He can save anybody. He wants to assure us that no one has done so much evil, or is so prideful, or has too hard a heart, that He can’t forgive them when they repent of their sin.

These verses should inspire us to pray for the salvation of our loved ones living so far from the Truth we’re tempted to think they have no hope. God wants us to know they HAVE hope!

Keep praying. Keep being obedient. God might use you to do the impossible in that person’s heart and life.

I beg you, don’t use this verse as a magic wand, believing God has promised to make your dreams come true. He’s not that shallow.

December 29 – Trust

Revelation 6-11

Today as I read these chapters in Revelation the Lord seemed to be asking me a question. Do I trust Him? The events of John’s vision are frightening. War, sickness, storms, earthquakes, devastation.


Do I trust God with the events of my life? All of them?

A W Tozer said, “God is looking for people through whom He can do the impossible. What a pity we plan only things we can do by ourselves.”

Life is hard. And sometimes God wants to do great things in and through us during our darkest moments. Sometimes He wants to reveal Himself through our storms, our diseases, and our wars. But He can’t if we hold on to control, not believing He really can do the impossible.

As John is telling the horrible things that occur in his vision, one thing stood out to me.


At the end of it all, God will still be standing in all His holiness, power and majesty. And not just at the end of time. At the end of my battles in this life, God is still on the throne.

I think of my nephew, encouraging his four-year-old son to jump into the pool and into his waiting arms. I see the little one, frightened and cold, shivering poolside. But then I see determination in those young eyes as he fixes his gaze on his daddy’s face, and jumps.

Do I trust God? Absolutely.

Now to take that leap.

Dear God, I do trust You. But I have to confess there are times when a little doubt creeps in, or I tell myself I should be able to handle things on my own. Forgive me. Help me to pray like Jesus prayed, Not my will but Thine, and mean it. I want to face whatever life hands me firmly holding Your hand, completely trusting You, and obeying You. And, God, accomplish the impossible in me today if You want to. I’ve got my eyes on You. And I’m diving in.


Numbers 2&3 record God’s instructions to Moses about getting the Israelites organized and ready to get traveling to the  Promised Land. About a million people, including crying babies, rebellious teenagers, pregnant moms and feeble grandparents along with livestock, tents, and everything they owned were about to pack up and move.

There isn’t a fraction of that many people here on this tiny island where I live and I can’t imagine trying to organize everyone enough to get them all to travel across the bridge to the mainland, even in this day of internet, cellphones and SUV’s. It seems like an impossible task.

But Moses was faithful. He followed God’s instructions and the impossible was accomplished. The entire nation of Israel was divided by family, got in line, and prepared to take those first steps toward a destination they had never seen. 

Is there something God is asking of me? Do I blow it off because I think it’s impossible? Maybe he’s prompting me to talk to my neighbor about Jesus. Do I stay home because I’ve decided my neighbor is too far gone to even listen? Maybe God is nudging me to change careers, take responsibility at church, quit smoking, or some other task that seems beyond my capabilities. Do I come up with excuses like, “I can’t quit my job and make less money doing something else, I have a family to support”, or “I can’t teach a Sunday School class”, or “I’ve tried to quit smoking and I just can’t”, or… (add your excuses to the list).

As I read the Bible I see a God who delights in accomplishing the impossible. Not the least of which is the changing of lives through the blood of his Son, Jesus. The lesson here today is: If God is in it – there is no such thing as impossible.

Father, I pray your children will hear your voice. May we recognize the times when you are asking us to do things that seems impossible. Help us to understand that you are best seen during those times when you give us the ability to share the gospel, teach that class, or do some other task that in and of ourselves is impossible. May you find us faithful, Lord, and may we watch you accomplish the impossible in each of us today.