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September 29 – Hidden Chambers

Nehemiah 11-13, Psalm 126

It seems as though as soon as Nehemiah went back to his job as King Artaxeses’ cupbearer, the people in Jerusalem, with their newly repaired wall, began to do their own thing. The priest even took one of the temple chambers and made it into a hotel room for Tobiah. Yes, THAT Tobiah who had been one of the liars and cheaters trying to stop the Jews from rebuilding the wall. The enemy was allowed to live IN THE TEMPLE!

The Jews began to disrespect the sabbath by farming, buying, and selling on that holy day. And…

wait for it…

a son of Eliashib the high priest married Sanballet’s daughter. The enemy had infiltrated Jerusalem and the temple without firing a shot.

So who’s living in your temple? Are there hidden chambers in your heart where you’ve prepared a place for the enemy? A secret room you think no one sees? Do you hide jealousy, lust, tolerance, unforgivness, internet sites or TV shows, drunkenness or dishonesty?

Have you established relationships with ungodly people, anti-christ and/or politically correct theologies that oppose Scripture? Are you one person at church and another in the workplace or in your home?

God is asking me today to clean out my temple like Nehemiah cleaned out the temple in Jerusalem. Completely. If I am comfortable living with sin in my life, in those hidden chambers of my heart, God is not going to be comfortable living in me.

And more than anything I want God to feel at home and welcome in my heart.

January 17

Job 40-42

Job didn’t just hear God. He listened, he understood, and he repented. That’s the purpose behind everything that is written in God’s Word and everything that happens in this life. God wants us to know Him and when we do there is really only one response… to repent in dust and ashes.

I chuckled  a little when I read what happened next. God told Job’s friends to offer sacrifices for their sins and Job would pray for them. Job… who still had no wealth or position in the community, no family and who even still wore the ugly marks of sickness would pray for them.

Job didn’t put himself in a position of authority. God did that. God used Job’s obedience to minister to others.

Maybe our own friends and neighbors don’t need to hear about our accomplishments or  pedigrees. I’m thinking if we put ourselves aside (Job said after seeing himself through God’s eyes he despised himself and he repented in dust and ashes) God will exalt us to a place where He can use us to bless others.

God doesn’t need us to clean ourselves off or pull ourselves up by our own strength before He can use us. Job was still outside the city when God gave Him a job to do. God just needed Job to be humble enough to obey. He needed Job to repent so that he could serve God out of a heart made clean by God Himself.

God, may I do the same today. Create in me a clean heart and may You find me obedient for the work you want me to do.