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Genesis 9:1-19 – Rainbows

I get a bit angry when I see rainbow flags. Not because I’m a homophobe. But because Satan has taken a beautiful symbol of God’s promise, and turned it into something that dishonors Him. I kinda wish they’d cut that song from The Wizard of Oz like they had planned.

It’s interesting to me that the beginning of chapter 9 begins with God telling Noah and sons to “be fruitful and increase in number.” He’d commanded the animals to do the same in chapter 8. Now I’m not saying this is “proof” that God is against homosexuality. But I am saying it makes a case for God’s intentions that sex occur between a man and a woman for the purpose of producing children. Homosexuals are unable to fulfill that command.

Then later in chapter 9, God talks about the rainbow. The rainbow is the symbol for a unique promise of God. There is no “if” attached to it. Unlike most of His other promises, this one is totally on God, regardless of what we do. God is promising He will never ever for the rest of time destroy the earth by flood. No matter how far we fall, He will be faithful to keep His word. And He gave us, and Him, the rainbow to seal the deal.

God’s promises are true. Let the rainbow remind you of that important fact, like it was intended to do.