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Don’t Lose Your Awe (Proverbs 30)

It has been said we are in the Information Age. Do you have a question about something? Google it. You will have more information at your fingertips than you’ll know what to do with. I don’t think there is a topic out there that isn’t covered on the web.

Agur reminds us, however, that there are some things that are too wonderful for even Google to understand. He starts out by admitting he’s not God. He acknowledges that “every word of God is flawless,” and that we don’t need to add anything to what God has revealed to us. If we try, we’ll be found out as liars. God has all the answers. We don’t. We never will.

Then Agur looks in awe at Creation. He looks at an eagle flying in the sky, a snake crawling on a rock. He watches an ant, a badger, locusts, lizards, lions, roosters, and rams, and seems to just say, “Wow.”┬áSome things are just too wonderful to understand.

Do you think you have everything figured out, that you understand the human body, the ecosystem, the physics and science behind nature? You may have studied these things for years, have multiple degrees on any given subject. That’s awesome! Just don’t lose your wonder.

Take a minute. Put down your phone. Turn off the TV. Then watch that eagle soaring in the sky, the bumblebee sitting on that daisy, the clouds as they lazily cross the sky, the ant carrying that bread crumb on its back, a panting dog, the tiny fingernail of a child.

Notice how when you inhale, your lungs fill with oxygen. Feel your heart beating. Become aware of the blink of your eye. Enjoy the smell of roses in your garden.

Yes, there are scientific reasons for things. And good for you if you’ve got an understanding of those scientific reasons. But allow yourself to be awed by science, too. God created science.

God created order. Thoughtfully, carefully, intentionally, everything that is was amazingly designed by God. With. A. Word. Don’t even pretend you understand how He did that! There are some things too wonderful for us to know.

Then consider this: the same God who fashioned this world from nothing, loves YOU. He wants to have a relationship with YOU. He died so that YOU can know Him intimately, eternally.

Let’s not lose our wonder just because we can fill our heads with information. This world is amazing. Our Creator is far above any explanation, the Bible far superior to any scientific journal.

Don’t lose your awe.

September 1; The Lord Is There

Ezekiel 47-48, 29:17-30:19

God has one goal. Whether He is fighting monsters or positioning city gates, if he’s doling out acreage or making salt water sweet, He is revealing Himself to the world. He is reaching out to the only part of creation created in His image.


God can be seen in every circumstance of life. He can be seen in nature. He can be seen in a transformed life, or in the peace an aged saint has at the end of life. God wants us to know Him.

I love that the city in Ezekiel’s vision is named: The Lord Is There. I believe that’s what He wants us to know yet today.

I pray you will not miss the many ways God is revealing Himself to you every day. If you are His child through the blood of Jesus, He wants you to know Him better and better. If you have not yet accepted His grace, He wants you to know Him for the very first time.

Look around. The Lord is there.

Counting Hawks

My dad was an observer and a lover of nature. I can’t count the hours he spent looking out into his back yard, watching birds, squirrels, rabbits, and deer. He taught us girls to notice things like sunsets and clouds, like lightning in storms, like new buds on trees in spring, and like the sparkle and beauty of a snowfall. He and Mom always challenged each other to see which of them could spot the most hawks every time they went somewhere in the car. I never see a hawk today without thinking about them.

Dad could have been a psalmist. I read Psalm 104 today and once again am reminded what an incredible thing is creation. Nothing… NOTHING… happened by chance. The beauty and majesty of our world was carefully constructed, from the tiniest seed to the highest mountain.

Is life throwing roadblocks in your way? Are you troubled, lonely, afraid? Take a minute and look outside. Better yet, take a walk. Listen to birds sing, the breeze rustle through trees. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face, or allow raindrops to mix with your tears. Count the hawks perched in the trees, and know even they fit in your Creator’s design.

The God who created the fragrant flowers you smell, the oceans and deserts, the God who created you wants to walk with you today. In this whole great big world of ours, there is no one he loves more, no one he thinks of more, no one he longs to call his own more than you! Give him your heart. Rejoice in his grace. Praise him for Jesus. Look around. His love is stamped all over the place.

Storms may come. No, storms WILL come. Take his hand and let him get you through.

Dear Creator, Words fall short of expressing the awe I feel as I observe nature, as I see your hand in all that there is, and as I understand that you love me. Thank you for Jesus. Thank you for making me your child when I repented of my sin. Walk with me today, Lord, as you wish. And may I never take for granted what your creation entails.

Message in the Clouds

My sister teaches science to middle schoolers. She is a Christian woman with a very scientific mind. And, yes, those two are not mutually exclusive!

I was walking with her yesterday and she pointed out some wispy clouds in the sky. They were beautiful and delicate, just like lace. She told me those clouds indicated a storm was coming.

The sky was blue. The streaks of white painted a gorgeous picture. It looked anything but stormy. She told me about the different levels of atmosphere and fronts and why those clouds warned of impending rain. But I have to confess, I couldn’t see it. I only saw a breathtakingly beautiful blue sky.

This morning, at about 2:00, I was awakened by a clap of thunder. I listened as rain pelted my window. Those delicate clouds were not wrong.

David tells us in Psalm 19 that the heavens proclaim the glory of God. In fact, all of nature points to the Creator, his power and majesty. Whether enjoying a colorful sunrise, watching trees and flowers come to life in the spring, gazing at stars and realizing the enormity of space, or holding a newborn baby and marveling at the wonder of birth, God is evident in nature.

You can try to deny it. But denying God just makes you look foolish.(Psalm 14:1, 53:1; I Corinthians 1:23-24)

David reminds us that the heavens, although wordless, speak loudly of God’s glory and craftsmanship. The NLT translates Psalm 19:2-4 ┬álike this:

Day after day they continue to speak;

night after night they make him known.

They speak without a sound or word;

their voice is never heard.

Yet their message has gone throughout the earth,

and their words to all the world.

To think this powerful Creator wants to walk with me. With you. Do you know him? Have you accepted his Son Jesus as your Savior, repenting of sin and allowing him to free you? Then you can fellowship with the Creator David writes about in the Psalm.

Look to the sky. The clouds are shouting a message to you that God wants you to hear. He is real. He is the Creator. He loves you. And he wants to forgive you so he can walk with you today and in eternity.

My Creator, I praise you for this world that you designed for us to enjoy. I thank you for the warmth of the sun, the changing of the seasons, a cool breeze, or sparkling snow. I thank you for clouds and stars, the moon and blue skies, for rain and blooming flowers. And I thank you that your name is written all over creation. I pray for those reading this today. May we each recognize your power and craftsmanship and declare with nature that you are God. I pray that each of us will bow before you, repent of sin, accept Jesus’ grace, and walk with you today. What a privilege! Thank you, my Creator, for this beautiful world.

January 15

Job 35-37

Elihu talks about how nature reveals God, how the thunder, the rain cycle, the expansive sky show us “How great is God – beyond our understanding.”

I remember when my nephew Ryan was a toddler he was so curious about the world around him. An ant crawling over a blade of grass would stop him in his tracks.

My Dad had a deep appreciation for God’s creation. My sisters and I were raised watching thunderstorms instead of hiding under covers, our Sunday afternoons often included a ride to the lake to try to skip stones or discover tadpoles. I remember once my Mom was looking to buy a dress but she wasn’t sure she liked it. “Blue and green don’t go together”, she said. My Dad replied, “Well then I guess God made a mistake”. Look how pretty it is when the green of the trees touch the blue of the sky. Mom got the dress.

Some people want to believe this was all a chance happening. But just look at nature – really look and you will see how great God is – beyond understanding.

Lord, help me see You today in the sunshine, the ocean waves, the rustle of leaves. Stop me in my tracks today to see what Your hands have made. Thank you for nature’s wonders which show us Your greatness. And then help us realize that the One who created this amazing world loves us and wants us to love Him, too.