January 15

Job 35-37

Elihu talks about how nature reveals God, how the thunder, the rain cycle, the expansive sky show us “How great is God – beyond our understanding.”

I remember when my nephew Ryan was a toddler he was so curious about the world around him. An ant crawling over a blade of grass would stop him in his tracks.

My Dad had a deep appreciation for God’s creation. My sisters and I were raised watching thunderstorms instead of hiding under covers, our Sunday afternoons often included a ride to the lake to try to skip stones or discover tadpoles. I remember once my Mom was looking to buy a dress but she wasn’t sure she liked it. “Blue and green don’t go together”, she said. My Dad replied, “Well then I guess God made a mistake”. Look how pretty it is when the green of the trees touch the blue of the sky. Mom got the dress.

Some people want to believe this was all a chance happening. But just look at nature – really look and you will see how great God is – beyond understanding.

Lord, help me see You today in the sunshine, the ocean waves, the rustle of leaves. Stop me in my tracks today to see what Your hands have made. Thank you for nature’s wonders which show us Your greatness. And then help us realize that the One who created this amazing world loves us and wants us to love Him, too.

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