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Luke 14-17; Sharks in Heaven

Well, I got tripped up on a verse today I’m sure wasn’t there the last time I read Luke’s Gospel. Ok – it probably was there But once again I’m blown away at how alive God’s Word is. It speaks to me every time!

The verse is 16:9. Jesus is speaking:

I tell you, use worldly wealth to gain friends for yourselves, so that when it is gone, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings.

I read this verse, then re-read it. Did Jesus just say we are to buy friends so we can get into heaven? Surely not.

Of course not!

Matthew Henry helped me understand it better. Then, after looking more closely at God’s Word, I got to thinking about the TV show “Shark Tank.” Those rich people are wise and shrewd with their money. They spend it to gain more. Sometimes they take chances and you think they are throwing their money away. Sometimes they pass on what I think would be a great investment. But every dollar they spend is done with calculated intentionality. And they usually end up with a big payoff.

Jesus, in summing up the parable of the house-manager, is telling us to use what is ours to invest in eternity, in eternal souls. I am reminded that everything we have is God’s – entrusted to us to benefit the kingdom.

God is asking, do I use my house, my car, my bank account, my “worldly wealth” as a means of reaching out to lost and needy people for whom Christ died? Am I spending what God has given me to gain more eternal souls for Him?

So much of what I read in Luke today seems to be calling me to take inventory, then to start investing in people for Jesus’ sake. We are given to give, blessed to bless, saved to tell others.

Read these chapters and see if God doesn’t challenge you to be the faithful son, the competent manager, the obedient servant, and to use what you are given for the glory of God.

You’ve heard “you can’t take it with you,” right? You know when you stand before God you will not be wearing that diamond ring or driving that Mercedes. Jesus says “WHEN it is gone,” not IF it goes. The only thing you will take into heaven with you are the people you have lead to the Lord. That’s it. So let me ask you this…

What kind of shark are you?


July 4 – Passing The Mantle

2 Kings 1-4

I’ve often said that Elijah is one of my favorite Old Testament characters, but Elisha is right up there, too. I love how, when Elijah was heading toward the place God was going to take him into heaven, Elisha stuck to the old prophet like glue. It’s almost like Elisha didn’t want to miss a second of being in the presence of this incredible man of God.

Elijah wore a mantle; a long scarf or shawl. And he used that mantle to part the water of the Jordan River so he and Elisha could cross on dry ground. Elisha saw Elijah being whisked away into heaven. The only thing left was Elijah’s mantle.

So Elisha picked up that mantle, and went on his way. The first thing the young prophet did was take Elijah’s mantle and use it to part the river again. This time Elisha crossed alone. But he went on to continue the work Elijah had begun.

Makes me wonder about two things: One, what is my mantle? I believe Elijah’s mantle represented his faith in God. What is it in me that says to people around me – this is a godly woman, a child of God, someone who serves Jesus out of love? It makes me ask myself what is the work I am doing today that will need to continue when I’m gone.

Then, I wonder if there are some whom I have touched and who will carry on my mission when God calls me home. I have no biological children. But are there those who are born again because I’ve introduced them to the Savior? And will they continue God’s work of sharing Christ after I’m gone?

When I die, and all that’s left of me is my mantle – will anyone even want to pick it up?

Feb 22 – God Speaks Through Scripture

Leviticus 26&27

I know that the Old Testament was written about and to real flesh and blood people. I know the crops spoken of were real plants, the rain wet droplets, disease, and war, and bread were things you could touch, taste, and experience in the flesh. God is talking to His material kingdom of Abraham’s ancestors in these pages of the Bible.

But I think we miss something beautiful if we don’t recognize there is a spiritual application in every word, too. And reading the first part of chapter 26 thrilled my soul this morning as though God were talking right to me here in 2016. Here’s what I heard Him say:

If you obey Me, Connie, I will give you exactly what you need to bear fruit for My kingdom as you lead people to their Savior (vs 4). Your ability to reap souls will last season upon season, their numbers strengthening you to continue in the work  (5). I’ll give you peace in your soul so you can sleep at night (6). We’ll defeat sin in your life (7&8). If you obey Me, I’ll be right with you, Connie, and I’ll make you fruitful in My work (9). You’ll leave your past behind and become a new person through the blood of Jesus (10). I WILL LIVE RIGHT INSIDE YOU. I won’t reject you (11). I’ll walk with you. I’ll be your God. You will be my child (12). I freed you from the chains of sin so you wouldn’t be a slave to it. I broke the hold sin had over you. And you, Connie, can stand straight, hold your head high, and do the work I have for you with confidence in Me (13).

Wow! I love reading the Bible because it is alive and active and powerful and relevant and personal.

Thank You, God, for speaking to me this morning through the words You inspired men to write thousands of years ago. Thank You for forgiving me. May I obey You. May I go into this day with confidence that You are going to do a great work in my life for Jesus’ sake. And may hearts be drawn to their Savior because I’ve been faithful to You.