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Feb 8 – Seriously

Exodus 28-29

God is serious about His priests being holy, consecrated, pure, set apart. This is quite a ceremony described in the verses we read today. Every inch of their clothes had to be just so, every bit of a sacrificed animal had to be accounted for, the blood, the oil, the gemstones, the bread, every detail had to be followed exactly as God commanded.

I am convicted. As a Christian I have the privilege of being a member of God’s holy priesthood, my body a temple of God, set apart to represent Him. But I don’t always take my position in Christ as seriously as what I read today.

Maybe it’s true that we don’t tend to appreciate those things that come easily as much as we do that which involves effort, struggle, intention. My position in Christ was given to me through grace when I repented of my sins and asked Jesus to be my Savior. I don’t walk around with that heavy uniform Aaron wore. I am clothed with Jesus’ righteousness.

But I needed to read this portion of Scripture today to remind me that my salvation came at a very high price. What I read in such detail here is exactly what Jesus’ death on the cross fulfilled in my life.

I owe it to my Savior to be just as serious, as respectful, and worshipful as were Aaron and his sons when they were consecrated for service. I never want to take for granted that which cost Jesus His life.

Dearest Savior, I am  humbled today as I read what steps Aaron, as Your priest, took in order to be consecrated for service, and what details were required for the sacrifices. You did that for me when I was still a sinner. Let me serve You today as You deserve. I want to be an effective priest in Your kingdom.

December 18

Titus; I Peter 1:1-2:12

The older I get the more I feel like I don’t “fit in” to my world. I don’t find funny the things many people seem to laugh at. Like commercials where grown men act like little girls or play “Jingle Bells” in their boxers.

I don’t watch most sit-coms because I just don’t see the humor in sexual overtones or portraying fathers as idiots. My definition of “having a good time” doesn’t involve alcohol. I get angry when I see pictures of sad, abused puppies plastered on TV with the attempt to get me to contribute to the ASPCA when there are thousands of babies – human beings- who are being murdered every day and I don’t see their pictures on TV telling me how unfair that is. I believe legalizing homosexual marriages is a slap in the face of God. And I am sad to think what kind of world we are fashioning for my great nieces and nephews.

I don’t appreciate the trend of churches to entertain on Sunday mornings, emphasizing a “worship experience”, or pastors who jump around and tell jokes. I crave meat when there is just too much puff pastry.

No, I don’t fit in. But Peter says that’s ok. In fact, he encourages us to live as aliens and strangers in the world. He reminds us that God tells us to be holy as he is holy. And that involves abstaining from sinful desires, living such a good life that people will notice and want what I have in Jesus.

I don’t want to pout about not fitting in. Who wants to be around a Debbie-Downer? I want to express my love, my joy, my Savior to everyone I meet. I hope they see me as different. I pray they see me as better.

Dear God, thank you for saving me. I pray that my life will stand out, that I won’t compromise what I know is true in order to fit in to a world that is running from you. Give me strength. And may someone be drawn to you today because they see a difference in me and want what I have in you.