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Ya Do What Ya Gotta Do

Esther 1

I guess I don’t blame Vashti for not wanting to parade around in front of a room full of men who’d been drinking excessively for a whole week. Regardless of her reasoning, she had to pay the consequences for disobeying an edict from the king.

Should she have gone? It would have saved her a lot of trouble, and she would have been able to keep her crown. Aren’t there times when “ya do what ya gotta do,” whether you like it or not?

That’s a question I’m afraid we all need to be making these days. And it’s getting harder to answer that question by the minute.

I know of a school district that has told teachers they are not allowed to teach pronouns, that they must use the non/gender pronouns when they speak, that they have to honor a parents decision to let their children “identify” as a gender not given to them by God. And, they must teach all children that doing that should be accepted and considered normal.

There is a movement to normalize “furries.” Are you aware? People (including children) who pretend to identify as an animal. They want people, including teachers, to treat them as the animal they are pretending to be.

Teachers have received an edict from the powers that be, like Vashti received hers from the king. Now what? Do you do what you have to do, and teach what you’re told? Or do you do what you have to do, and resign?

Like I said, it’s getting harder every day.

What if the edict comes from your child? “I’m gay. Accept it.”

Or from your church? The Methodist denomination is facing some hard decisions, as is the SBC. Do you go progressive? Do you stand firm?

We don’t often think about what it took for Vashti to refuse the king’s order. But I think there might be a lesson there for us today.

May we all know when it’s time to say, “No.” And may God give us the courage to say it, then do what we gotta do about it.

March 7 – Don’t Let Up

Numbers 28-30

It sounds, from what I read today, that during the seventh month there was a continual sacrifice burning for ten days. It says the smell of grilling meat and baking bread was a soothing aroma to God. I like it, too.

Romans 12:1 says, “Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.”

Giving my heart to the Lord was something that happened once. I asked Jesus to forgive me, and He did. But what I read today concerns a daily choice, a constant decision to offer myself, my body, my mind, my dreams, my desires, to God as a soothing aroma, a spiritual act of worship.

Paul says he dies daily. (I Cor 15:31) And that is what speaks to me from this Old Testament account of continual sacrifices.

I want my life to be a constant source of joy for my Heavenly Father. I want all my choices to soothe Him. And I never want to let the fire of my devotion die out. I want to be like that continual sacrifice burning on the altar. May I never let up.

Feb 27 -Decisions! Decisions!

Numbers 8-10

How do you go about making decisions? I know some people who think about a situation to death, then never decide. I have been known to jump at a decision depending on how I feel at the moment. Both extremes are cause for regret.

We can learn decisions-making skills from Moses. In chapter 9, when some men posed a request concerning Passover, Moses replied, “Wait, and I will listen to what the LORD will command concerning you.” (vs 8)

The entire nation of Israel followed God’s lead every step they took on their journey to the Promised Land. If the cloud moved, they moved. If it stopped, they stopped.

So how does that translate into life in 2016? God doesn’t speak audibly, nor does He exist in a cloud. But He does communicate through His Word, He nudges us while we pray. His voice might sound like your friends’ voice while you are sitting together over coffee.

The idea for this blog came to me during my daily Bible and journalling time in December of 2012. At first it was a fleeting thought, and it was an idea that I quickly disregarded. But God had planted a seed, and the thought came again and again as I read His Word. I even found myself thinking about it during the day, so I began to pray about it. First I told God why I thought it was a bad idea. Eventually, I prayed that if this is something He wanted me to do, I’d let the outcome up to Him.

I think, according to what I read this morning in Numbers, that’s how God would like us to make our decisions. I am reminded God WANTS me to succeed in the tasks He gives me. He WANTS what’s best for me. He WANTS to use me to share Him with others.

I wish I could say I make all my decisions following this example. I’m a work in progress. And I have no idea who, if any, have been blessed or challenged by this blog over the years. That’s totally in God’s hands. I just know, for myself, I followed His lead.

I am challenged this morning to go to God first when faced with a decision. Moses said, Wait. I need to lean how to do that better. Moses went to God. I need to be reminded that no decision is too small for God to have an opinion. And I need to be obedient when He begins to move.

Where He leads me I will follow. That’s my decision.