That’s Who God Is

Judges 13-15

Samson was not a nice man. He was a ruthless ego-maniac. Oh, he didn’t cut his hair so he looked like a Nazarite. But his actions tell us his heart was sinful.

Yet this guy fought for Israel. God’s hand was upon his life. God gave Samson great strength to defeat God’s enemies. Why? One might think God at least condoned, if not approved of Samson’s choices. Doesn’t it seem God ought to have taken Samson out the moment his evil heart was exposed?

All I can say about that is, I’m glad that’s not the way God rolls. I’m glad God is patient with his disobedient children because I am one of them. Samson will have consequences for his sins, as we read on in Judges. But God will give him every opportunity to repent for his sins first.

That’s who God is.

That’s who He was toward Samson. And that’s who He is toward me.

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