February 2; Reluctant Or Not

Genesis 1:1-4:17

Now we are introduced to a very reluctant hero. Moses, a Jewish boy raised as an Egyptian prince, a fugitive, a shepherd, meets God face to face. Wow! And he is told by God that he is to be the one to lead the Jews out of slavery and into the Promised Land.

I can’t help but love Moses’ response, and at the same time be challenged by it. He responded to God with: “Here I am, Lord. Please send someone else.”

Has God heard the same response from me? I’m ashamed to say how often that has been the case. And sometimes I secretly think, “Well, if I don’t do what God is asking me, He’ll raise up someone else to do it instead.” Isn’t that a convenient philosophy?

Here’s what I want to be true in my life: If God nudges me to speak to someone about Him, or to invest myself in the life of a non-believer in order to draw them to the Savior, if He lays on my heart a ministry, or a change in career or address so He can use me to enlarge His kingdom, I want to be the one to see that the job gets done. Even if I am reluctant, I want to be obedient.

Because if He asks me to do something, He will equip me to do it.

May God find us faithful. Because I believe if He asks us to do something, He’s counting on us to get it done.

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