Genesis 1-2 The Mystery Myth

Wow! When I said I was going to slow down this year in my Bible reading, I had no idea what that would mean. I spent the first three days of this new year just in Genesis 1. And I am loving it!

The other day I met a man who is adamant in his belief that the earth is billions of years old. He said he has to believe that, because that’s the only way it makes sense to him. I chuckled when he said that, until I realized he was serious. Then I knew that I understand creation much more than this man who prides himself in his intellect and higher-level thinking skills. He had no idea how foolish he sounded.

Can God create light before He created the sun? Can there be an evening and a morning without the earth revolving around the sun? Can vegetation grow without the sun? Not if it were up to me.

Or the man I recently met. The sun wasn’t created until the fourth day. It doesn’t make sense.

And I believe that’s why God created things the way He did. He is not us. He is far above the most intelligent of us. He is not dependent on creation. He doesn’t need the sun to provide light. Creation is, however, dependent on Him.

The man I talked to marveled at the fact that the earth is in exactly the right position in the universe in order to sustain life. But, didn’t God create the universe AROUND this planet? The stars and galaxies were “created also” for our benefit. We didn’t just happen to land at just the right spot after some Big Bang. God carefully and lovingly surrounded us with the vast expanse of space and threw in some twinkling stars for our pleasure, for signs and navigation, and to show us just how amazing He is! The more we know, the more we can recognize that He is beyond our understanding.

If we insist on understanding the complexities of creation, in fitting it into a tiny box that makes sense to us, we are limiting God. When the truth of the matter is, He is limitless. Dear one, there is no mystery to the creation of this universe. God has shared with us every detail we need to know. Read Genesis 1-2. That is how creation occurred.


Your not understanding it, or not being unable to make sense of it, just reinforces the fact that you are not God.

Creator God, I bow before You, unable to comprehend the “how” of creation. But I thank You that You have so lovingly inspired the writer of Genesis to record everything I need to know.  Thank You for this beautiful creation, for eyes to see, ears to hear, for touch and smell, so that I can enjoy what You have made. Thank You for the stars, for the warmth of the sun, for plants and animals, for oxygen and gravity.  And thank You for the dear ones You have given me in my life who share this creation with me. You are truly amazing. And I worship You.

4 thoughts on “Genesis 1-2 The Mystery Myth

  1. vonhonnauldt

    I’ve been memorizing Genesis 1. Slow going for my old brain. Moses told us that the earth was the first thing here, though unformed. Everything else in the chapter starts with that. I just love how “God said”: and “it was so” So much there. Thank you for your study and comments.

    1. cazehner Post author

      Memorization is not my strong suit these days, either. Good for you to tackle this important chapter. I love, too, that what God said, happened. Just like all of Scripture, His Word can be trusted. Love this Book! God bless you, friend, as you hide God’s Word in your heart.

  2. vesselsministry

    I delight in your delight of God’s Word, and your delight seeps in its fragrance. I loved the beginning of your prayer and your words, “I bow down” ~ it makes all the difference in the understanding, or simply not understanding God’s mysteries. Thank you for the blessings of sharing your joy ~ Happy New Year as you are continually blessed and as you bless others in the reading and sharing of His Word. Wynema

    1. cazehner Post author

      Wynema, Thank you for your encouraging words. I do pray that all who take time to read my posts will be challenged to read the Bible every day, and love it! I have learned that in order for me to learn anything from these precious pages, I need to do it from a position of surrender. Bowing down to God, emptying myself, allows Him to speak. And that makes all the difference in my life. God bless you, dear sister.


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