December 6 – Unimpressive, Contemptible, and Blessed

2 Corinthians 10-13

Paul seems a little defensive. He must have been receiving some pretty harsh criticism from some of the Corinthian Christians. They said his letters were “weighty and strong,” but felt he was “unimpressive” in person. They went as far as saying his speech was “contemptible.”


Paul admitted that he was not a great public speaker. But he made no apologies for the message he proclaimed. That’s what I think God would have us see today.

We might not all look like Beth Moore, or preach like Billy Graham, or sing like Big Daddy Weave. But God loves to do great things through the least of us. And He does every time we submit ourselves to Him and take those steps of faith.

When we fumble over our testimony over coffee with an unsaved friend, God is glorified. When we quietly shovel snow for our neighbor, or take soup to a sick friend, or sit with someone who is mourning, God is glorified. When people recognize that what we do or say can’t possibly be by our own power, God is glorified.

Paul told his critics, “you might not like how I talk or how I look but that will not stop me from telling you the Truth.” You see, it was the message that was important, not the messenger.

We might not even like the way we look ourselves. We may have no confidence in our abilities. But let God have His way and see what amazing things He can do through us anyway. He will be glorified. And we will be blessed… and a blessing!

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