December 5 – A “No Tithe” Zone

2 Corinthians 5-9

What are your views on tithing? Is church-giving a subject talked about in your fellowship? What is your reaction when you read the sermon title in Sunday’s bulletin, and realize the subject is money… again? Do you hold to the opinion that what goes into that plate is between you and God (and maybe your accountant at tax time)?

The church in Macedonia was known for their generosity. 8:1-3 tells us this body of believers “… in a great ordeal of affliction, their abundance of joy and their deep poverty overflowed in the wealth of their liberality.”

Yes you heard it. Affliction, joy, poverty, and wealth all in the same sentence.

It seems they didn’t worry about what 10% looked like. They saw a need, and they gave beyond their ability.

My view on tithing? I think we should throw that mandate out the window. What if we really gave as God laid it on our hearts to give? What if we didn’t stop at 10% when God nudges us to give more?

Do you know what it costs to keep your church building and ministries running? You should. Then, with that number in front of you, maybe you should ask God what part of that He wants you to cover with the resources He’s given you. (I’m talking to myself as well)

But, you say, my kids need new shoes, my mortgage is due, I’m going to need a better car soon. I can’t give more than 10%. Sometimes that’s even more than I can give.

What if God used the same formula to bless us? What if we are receiving only 10% of what He is able to bless us? I’m not sure I want only 10% of His blessings. I’m not sure He wants only 10% of mine, either.

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