November 6 – 15 Minutes!

Mark 13

My mom was a stay-at-home mom until I was in the seventh grade. She got a full time job when all of us girls were finally in school. Every day she’d leave us with the expectation that we were not supposed to sit in front of the TV when we got home. Beds were to be made, dishes done, clothes picked up, homework completed, and whatever chores she left for us to do were to be done before she got home from work at 4:20.

I wish I could say we were diligent in our chores. We’d usually find ourselves in front of the TV, or playing Barbies, or reading,  instead of doing what we knew we should be doing. Until one or another of us would notice the time and shout:

“15 minutes!”

On cue, the TV would be turned off, and we’d all go into stealth mode. Dishes would get done, beds made, clothes put away, dusting or sweeping done. We got pretty good at rapid housecleaning.

I thought of that today when I read this chapter in Mark. Jesus tells us to be ready when He returns. We don’t know when that will be. He just wants us to be diligently doing what He’s asked us to.

And we won’t get a fifteen minute warning. Some people act like they’ve got all the time in the world. After all, He hasn’t come back in 2,000 years, they rationalize. The chances are He won’t come back today. So they put off surrendering to Him. They don’t obey His voice to speak to that friend about their need of a Savior. They figure they’ve got time to live like they want to live. They’ll do the “Christian” thing when they get older.

Jesus doesn’t seem to take too well to that idea. He tells us God could come back at any time. Any. Time. The only one who knows when that will be is God Himself. And when He comes, it’ll be too late to obey Him.

Our Savior tells us to live today like this is the day He’s coming back. Live today with the same focus and determination my sisters and I had those 15 minutes before Mom came home. He’s left us with some instructions, some chores to do before He gets back.

Will He find us faithful? Or will we be caught unprepared?

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