November 5 – All She Had

Matthew 23; Luke 20-21

Years ago I was at a congregational meeting of the church where I was a member. Among other positions like trustees and Sunday School superintendent, we were going to vote on a new president of our women’s ministry. The dear lady who had held that position for years had felt it was time she stepped down.

We sat there and listened to her give her last yearly report, then read her resignation. It wasn’t a flowery speech. Concise and to the point, she ended with a verse taken from Jesus’ parable about the widow’s gift. I’ll never forget it.

“She gave all she had.”

Whether we are given much or little, God blesses those who give it all back it Him. Whether wealth or talent, compassion or intellect, Christians should hold nothing back in service to our Lord.

Makes me wonder if I’m holding anything back. Family? Health? My time?

At the end of my life, I would like to be able to look into Jesus’ eyes and tell Him honestly that I gave all I had, that I wore myself out serving Him.

Generous Father, You have blessed me so much. I can’t begin to thank You. Forgive me when I take any of it for granted, or hoard it, or squander it. God, I want to hold my hands out to You and ask You to empty me. Whatever I have, I give it to You. Show me those things that I’m holding on to, or misusing. I want to confess, to repent, to give it all back. Not because I want anything in return. You’ve already given me more than I deserve.

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