October 30 – The Mission

Luke 17:11-18:14

Jesus hadn’t completed His earthly mission yet, and He was talking about His second one. His focus went beyond the cross right into eternity. He would die on that cross, but what would follow was going to be incredible.

Some day Jesus is going to come back, and life on this earth will be over. We who know Him will leave these broken bodies behind, our cares and worries, our hardships and sorrows will all be forgotten when we hear that shout and see our Savior coming down from heaven.

We won’t even wait for Him to land. We’ll be caught up and meet Him in the sky. Can you even imagine?

I believe that was the day Jesus spoke about here in Luke. The cross, as determined as He was to get there to pay sin’s debt once and for all, was the means to attain the ultimate goal – eternity with me in His Presence. Forever with all of us who loved Him and accepted His grace while in this life.

Jesus is coming again. He’ll gather up those of us who repented of our sin, who allowed Him to cover us with His precious blood. We’ll see Him face to face!

Oh, glorious day.

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