October 22 – Forgiveness From The Heart

Matthew 18

There have been a couple times in my life when someone had felt the need to apologize to me for an offense I didn’t even remember. In fact, just yesterday some friends and I were reminiscing about the years we worked together, and they reminded me about a time when a co-worker had treated me unfairly. This particular woman had been a friend, but after the incident our friendship ended.

I’d been hurt and angry for a while, but eventually I let it go. I forgave her and no longer harbor ill-feelings toward her. And I certainly don’t dwell on what happened or hope she gets what I used to think she deserved.

In fact, until yesterday, I’d forgotten all about it.

I’ve heard people say “I can forgive, but I’ll never forget.” I’m not sure that’s forgiveness “from your heart.” (vs 35)

Don’t misunderstand. Forgiving doesn’t mean allowing yourself to continue to be mistreated. I may not socialize with the woman, (we don’t even live in the same state any more) but I want her to be happy. I might not want to put myself in a position to be hurt again, but I can pray for her.

Jesus wants us to forgive as we have been forgiven. And, although I think what this woman did to me was bad, it’s nothing compared to the things Jesus has forgiven me for. So I can forgive her from my forgiven heart.

And I can forget what she did because Jesus said He’ll never hold my sins against me, either.

My Precious Forgiver, I pray for the woman who hurt me so long ago. I pray that You would bless her, that she would enjoy fellowship with you from a repentant heart. I thank You that You have forgiven me a multitude of sins. May I pass it on, truly, honestly, thankfully because You not only forgave me, You removed my sins and promise to never remember them again. May I have the same memory loss toward anyone who sins against me.

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